March 17, 2010

Here we go again bastardizing yet another Holy Man

When St. Patrick was sixteen years old he was captured in his home land of Britian and taken to Ireland as a slave.   Six years later he excaped and returned to his family.  Imagine, as a teenager spending six years in bondage!  Surely he would become bitter.  Not so!  St. Patrick entered the Church and became an ordained Bishop.  At which time he returned to the land where, as a teenager, he was held in slavery.   There, he served as a missionary to the Protestants.  St. Patrick spent his life telling people about the Savior.  St. Patrick wanted everyone to know the only True way to the Father is through the Son.

So let us all celebrate the legacy of  this Holy Man by going out,  getting drunk on green beer, having casual sex with another drunk person, puke our guts up and say, ” HAPPY ST. PATRICK’s DAY!!!!!!!”

Perhaps there is a special place for those who use the Godly as their excuse to consume mass quantities of adult beverages.  Perhaps there is.  Think about it.



Major Nidal Malik Hassan

November 19, 2009

Malik Nidal Hasan

My father was a WW II veteran who served in the European theater.  He
carried shrapnel in his back from a grenade ’till the day he was buried (ten
years ago).

I am a seven year veteran of the US Navy with a 40% service connected

Our son-in-law (Sgt Buddy James Hughie) was KIA by a Taliban sniper in
Afghanistan.  Buddy was awarded two Bronze Star medals with Valor and a
Purple Heart medal. In fact after Buddy’s death there was a FOB established
in the area where he was killed and named in his honor, “FOB HUGHIE.”

We currently have a twenty-three year old nephew serving with the 114th MPs
in Mosul, Iraq.

Major Hassan (an army officer serving on active duty) takes the time to pick
out his weapon, fills out the necessary paper work, goes back and purchases
the fire arm, adds a scope to increase his chances of kill shots, goes to a
firing range to make sure he can operate his killing weapon proficiently,
chooses a place where military men and women are massed together, picks a
time of day when those service members will be gathered waiting, gets
dressed in traditional Muslim attire, loads his killing weapon in his
vehicle, drives to his chosen killing field, gets out and begins killing
UNARMED American service men and women while shouting terms associated with
Muslim Extremist Terrorists.

So other than Major Hassan’s US Army officer active duty status what sets
him apart from other terrorists?

Our family has sacrificed a great deal for our country.  Our family will
continue to sacrifice, serve and defend the Constitution of the United
States of America.

Please do not spit in our face and tell us you are giving us a bath.  We
know the difference.

First Lady Michelle Obama is ENTITLED!!

April 13, 2009

A recent news report states that First Lady Michelle Obama is the first First Lady to hire a full time makeup artist.

I wonder how much that set me and you back?  How many mortgage payments would her income make for the average home buyer?  How many homeless people would that house?  How many meals would that money buy?

Ehhhhh, who cares.

Pray for Abortion Clinics!

January 26, 2009


Let me start off by saying that I am a Christian man.  I know that some people feel that I don’t have a right to an opinion about abortion because I don’t have any ovaries.  Baloney!

I feel like I have (some) authority to speak out on this subject because after raising three bi0logical daughters, thirty-five years of marriage and being in our fifties my wife and I are adopting a four year and six year old brother and sister.  So, you see, we are sacrificing our lives for those who need a life. You can see a piece of that story here .

Now having said all that really unimportant stuff…

Holy and Mighty God I come to You and praise You for Your grace and mercy.  I bless Your name and thank You for the many blessings You have bestowed on me and my family.  I thank You too Lord for those things You have kept from happening to us.  You, oh Lord, are a loving, kind and just God.

Heavenly Father I pray for all facilities that provide services that intentionally terminate life that You have created.

I pray that as new facilities are being built the ground becomes unstable; that the concrete is found inferior and unable to support the construction; that the trucks bringing building materials become inoperable; that all sub-contractors decide not to provide their services for those buildings.  I pray  the glues used for floor coverings not to work properly; that the mortar being used does not work properly; that the sheet-rock is found to be inferior.  I pray for all wood products and ceiling tiles to become warped and moldy; that the ceiling grids will not fit properly.  I pray for all plumbing and plumbing fixtures to malfunction; for all steel products to become rusty and not meet code.  I pray for all roofing materials to not function as they are designed; for all windows and doors to leak and not close properly.  Lord, I pray that the various permits and inspections be denied. 

Lord for all those facilities (already licensed) who intentionally take the life of babies, I pray they become infested with termites; that their air ventilating systems become infested with mold and other toxic particles that will make it unhealthy for them to remain open.  I pray for the plumbing system(s) and fixtures to backup and malfunction; f0r the locks on the doors and windows to malfunction.  I pray for medical equipment to become inoperable, for supplies to be damaged and unusable.  I pray for electrical malfunctions.  Lord I pray for all the delivery people and service companies that are providing services to these facilities to suddenly become unwilling to continue to work with them.  If they don’t I pray for their vehicles to become inoperable; that their communication systems would malfunction.

Lord I lift up the personnel who work in these facilities.  I know that you love them Lord and want so much for them to see the evil of their jobs.  You want them, oh Lord, to come to You in love and develop an eternal relationship with You.  I pray that each one of them do just that.

Short of that Lord, I pray that You preserve their lives but Lord cause each and every one of them to become incapacitated to perform their duties in these killing facilities.  Keep them from sudden death Lord.  Lord if it takes a long protracted illness such as cancer (or the like) for them to realize that they need You then so be it.  For our lives here are not nearly as important as our eternal home. 

Abba-Father, please place the right people around these people who will be able to speak Truth and too be heard.  I pray for their souls Lord, that they would (some how) come to know Your love and forgiveness.

I pray Lord for those women who have already and who are intending on having their sons and daughters cut up and vacuumed out of them to see the evil in those actions and too turn immediately from them.  Grant each of them peace as they turn from death and choose life.  Please Lord help their minds to see truth so that their hearts can receive Truth.

Lord I pray for my Christian brothers and sisters; that they would not only be “sayers” of Your Word but to be “doers” Lord.  That they would reach out to those children already looking for a loving place to call home.  Have each of those who claim to be lovers of the Christ to become lovers of Your children and not to be selfish with their time, money and life.  Call each of them to sacrifice, I pray.

I know, Lord, that these petitions that I have put before You are great and many but You are an all powerful God and You, oh Lord, can do anything You choose.  En-tune Your ears to my prayer I pray and grant me the desires of my heart.  Save those who have been deemed unworthy of life by their so-called mothers.

For it is Written, “ask and ye shall receive”.  Thank You, Lord for it is in the mighty and all powerful name of Jesus, the Christ, I pray.