Mental illness is more difficult to deal with than a broken bone.
Broken bones are relatively easy. You see the break. The doctor sets the broken bone back into proper alignment and the healing process is completed within a matter of weeks.  Everyone can see the break. Everyone has empathy for the "sick" person.
Mental illness is very different. It's different on every level.  Many times the doctors don't know exactly what's going on. Is it the ODD that's causing the issue? Is it the PTSD?  Is it the ADD? Is it the anxiety? Is it likely to be a combination of all of the above?
What is the best treatment plan? Various pharmaceuticals? Therapy? Counseling?  What type of therapy? How often should counseling take place?
It's all so confusing. It's all so draining.
Mental illness is not for sissies.
Since mental illness cannot be seen like a broken bone it is difficult for some to comprehend why the individual who is "sick" doesn't just act better. That person should behave better. We're tired of that person ruining everything!
How does a person love someone with mental illness? Especially when the sick person is hateful! When the sick person rejects the help offered?!
Mental illness isn't for sissies!

One Response to MENTAL ILLNESS

  1. Do the very best you can and I know you trust God.
    Love, have empathy, show care and be there unconditionally.
    PTSD is a Normal Reaction to Extreme Trauma ~ just like Bleeding is a normal reaction to being Stabbed.

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