I tried not to. Honest, I did. It’s been seven years. When will it be enough? Some day. How long is enough? Just a bit more.

I can still see it all (vividly) unfolding in front of me. I feel that helpless feeling. I can hear that moaning… that deep guttural moaning. The screaming and tears are still so real to me.

Is this me being unable to move on? I don’t know. And I don’t care… or do I?

I remember it all. Meeting the hearse at the airport and following it home. Going inside the funeral home for a bit. Buddy’s escort there with his body in that flag draped casket.

Returning the next day for our personal goodbye. I had my arm around her. She was standing a little bent forward, hands clasped at her chest. Me with my lef arm around her shoulder, my right hand on her right arm. She was weeping. “I can’t daddy.” It’s okay honey, take your time. Shuffling forward ever so slowly. Shuffling.

The flag is folded down. The casket open. We are finally close enough to see him. “He looks so peaceful,” she says. He is peaceful honey.

We are at his side now. Her head is cocked to the left and tilted forward. She puts her hands on his white-gloved hands. “I love him so much.” I know you do honey.

The final Home Coming of Sgt Buddy James DOC Hughie was very difficult. It left more questions than answers.

Here now, seven years later, we still grieve his untimely death. But we celebrate the life he once lived. We celebrate life with those left behind because that is what Buddy would want and expect. He died so that others could live. So live we must. Enjoy life we will. And remember that our American Hero will always be with us in some way or another.

Remembering the husband, the father, the son, the friend.

Saluting the Soldier:

KIA, FEBRUARY 19, 2007

Always smiling

Always smiling

Buddy and Cooper

Buddy and Cooper

Like father, like son

Like father, like son


4 Responses to SEVEN YEARS LATER

  1. mssc54 says:

    That photo of Buddy and Cooper sleeping is one of my favorites. Buddy, being absolutely determined to be the daddy he never had, had just finished another early morning feeding. Buddy had just changed his son’s diaper (again), burped him and laid him down for a nap. Buddy decided to crawl in and catch a quick nap too. This is when we get the mirror images of two generations.

    I think it is so precious.

  2. Deloris Hughie says:

    Thank you for remembering, I have been looking at pictures all month and trying to find more,Buddy definitely left a world of memories and he lived to the fullest in the short life he had. He was loved and we miss him so much. This has been a hard year for me, reality has finally set in and it hurts. Deloris Hughie

  3. Paige says:

    I wish so much I had been able to meet him. I know that he was a Great man and service member. Your family has always been dear to me and I stain my cheeks for your loss and mine. But I smile knowing a perfect piece of him is still with Alexis. I pray for peace for all that knew him. God bless

  4. mssc54 says:

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