Jake Tapper

On Saturday, February 16, 2013 I had the pleasure of taking our grandson (Buddy’s) son to listen to CNN Anchor, White House Correspondent and author Jake Tapper speak at the Savannah Book Festival.  Mr. Tapper was speaking about his experiences leading up to and including, the writing The Outpost – An Untold Story of American Valor. (!/OutpostBook)

Although Buddy was not stationed at Combat Outpost Keating at the time of it’s attack that faithful day of October 3, 2009 he had been through there and had known some of the soldiers.

Jake chronicles some of Buddy’s heroics in this book.  In fact chapter 14 is titled Buddy.

Unfortunately, like our’s, there are thousands of families who have had their lives eternally altered by their loved one being Killed in Action on a foreign battled field.  Our American Hero, Sgt Buddy James “Doc” Hughie is but one of the many.

During the question and answer session at Saturday’s Savannah Book Festival  a woman asked about the War On Terror as it relates to victory.  Further explaining that in WW II some victories were clear.  But with the war in Afghanistan there seems to be no victories.

That got me to thinking about Buddy’s role in the War on Terror, and in particular his personal contributions, as it relates to victories. 

First, there are the two Afghan Army National Soldiers Buddy was credited for saving their lives.  I’d say that is a pretty big victory for those men and their families and friends.  Secondly, Buddy was a medic.  He volunteered for every mission when/where they would go into villages to inoculate children against diseases. Hundreds upon hundreds of children.  Today there are Afghan teenagers alive and well, enjoying their lives because Buddy gave them the gift of life, the prevention of diseases.

The American public, as detached as they are from the horrors of war and how it still effects many of us, may not see victories in a traditional sense of the word.  But rest assured, victories do exist in many Afghan families, villages and regions because of American soldiers like SGT BUDDY JAMES “DOC” HUGHIE.



  1. DM says:

    Michael, always read this post with mixed feelings…it gives me a heavy heart for the pain you and your family have and continue to carry, and at the same time I am blessed as I see that smiling little grandson of yours. DM

  2. Nick Spaz Moore 1/180th INF says:

    I never knew anyone added Buddy to a book.. His son is looking like a perfect mixture of himself.. Jenny.. and Alexis.. Brought a tear to my eyes reading this and seeing that boy.. Im back in afghanistan and i wish buddy was here with me again..

  3. james o'neal says:

    I’ll never forget you BROTHER

    • james o'neal says:

      Doc i don’t know what to say brother, everybody has already said how good of a man you are. This year brother I’m gonna pick a fight no I’m not you wouldn’t let me before. Remember you give me and Carter i’ves for staying out to late? Yes you got a little rough. That’s all for now i got something in my eye. Soldier brother friend

  4. Matt says:

    Former FOB Hughie resident 2007-2008. Would love to connect and share something with you!

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