Can anyone… anyone at all, tell me what is wrong with reforming the existing entitlement programs in the US?

Please don’t misunderstand.  I think that there are seasons when individuals or families may need some assistance to get through a rough patch.  But honestly, too much of these entitlements are viewed (by some) as just another way of life (long term or forever).

I think long term assistance robs a person of who they were created to be.  Yes, I do believe that there are a growing number of people willing to settle for what they can get the easiest way they can get it.

The physically disabled.  The mentally ill.  Those are the only two (I hate to use the term but) classes of citizens who deserve to receive long-term government assistance.  Period.

So, once again, please explain why the US Government (Democrats specifically) are so unwilling to reform the entitlement programs.

And be cordial.



  1. mike stewart says:

    DITTO! What’s wrong with reform? Morally…nothing, but the Dems, like previous slave owners, know that if you keep a human being dependent on you, whether it be perception or reality, then they will do what you tell them to do. Egyptians kept slaves to build things. Plantation owners kept slaves to pick cotton. Democrats keep slaves for votes.

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