Some of my life’s experiences have been pretty miraculous.

Much has been debated over the centuries as to the existance of God.  Many who do not believe in God challenge, “Where’s your proof?”  Generally speaking that question is usually followed-up with name calling (both to the one who believes and the One, Whom we believe in).

I don’t have the answers for them.  I do know that I have (personally) had some very unique experiences that anchor my beliefe in the Most High God.  At one time in my life when I caused myself to “hit bottom” I reached out… again to the Comforter.  I did so because I “heard” Him say, “Come to me now or I will not pursue you any longer.”  You see up unto that point in my life I had used God as my Almighty Bail Bondsman.  No not to get out of jail but like, “Oh Lord, if You will just get me out of this mess…” kind of thing.  I know that the Bible says that God will never leave us nor forsake us and at this particular time I felt like God was saying to me, “I won’t pursue you.  It’s all going to be up to you to get yourself through life.  Do you really think you can do it all on your own?”  When I say I “heard” I don’t mean an audible voice but rather a split second conversation of sorts.

So anyway, I was in this dire situation when He came to me in a most dramatic way.  I have no scientific proof and I don’t need scientific proof.   In that moment even the air felt different.  What I do know is that when He and I finished our conversation I was transformed from an angry, frightened and unsure about my future man to a man of immeasurable peace and completely comfortable about what the future held for me.  I can not begin to explain the overwhelming sense of… I don’t know, peace and contentment just doesn’t seem adequate to describe it.  I was changed.  My situation and circumstances had not changed but I had.

That was the moment for me.  The defining moment that anchored my faith.   Of course I have had many challenges since then.  Difficult and painful challenges.  And I have not always answered those challenges the way I should have.  But, I have been able to recognise where I’ve made poor choices and turn from them back to Him.  Before The Encounter I may or may not have recognized my failure and if I had would likely have felt a sense of “Ha, got away with that one.”

Another spiritual marker in my life was when my father died.  That was such a dark, depressing time and also a  time of great questioning. I wrote about my deliverance from that here:

I have personally witnessed a man’s leg grow two inches.  I have personally seen a little girl with a three inch platform shoe on one foot throw that shoe away when her leg miraculously measured to the length of the other.  I have (time and time again) received financial blessings that could not be explained or planned for.  I have sustained traumatic injuries and healed from them far beyond all the doctors expectations.  My life has been transformed and by my life’s transformation my family has not only been made whole but flourished.

I know there will be those who can take each of these instances in my life and explain them away with some sort of scientific explanation or possibly psychological disorder.  How sad for them.

All I know is that God is real in my life.


6 Responses to Some of my life’s experiences have been pretty miraculous.

  1. Joy says:

    I’m just trying to see if I can leave a comment Michael.

  2. Laura says:

    Wow, Michael. This is amazing. I’m so happy for you, and truthfully, I kind of envy you. Not the evil biblical envy that causes people to do nasty things, but more of a wistful envy that you have reached a place that I have not… yet.

    We have different approaches to religion, you and I. We also have different approaches to an Almighty. But where we come together, is that we both believe that there is “something” out there, beyond ourselves. You call Him “God” and “Jesus Christ”. I haven’t figured out who or what He is, but I do believe in Him. Or Her. Or It….

    Like you, I’ve seen evidence. I live with two very lively specimens… my son who, had he been born the natural way, would likely be dead, or at least mentally challenged, as his birth was not an easy one. I believe someone put that doctor right where she was that day, and everything ended up just right. My husband, who, by all rights, should be dead right now, lives to harrass and entertain me, daily. He is blind, something that he sees as a gift, given the fact that he should not have life.

    So yes, I agree… He is out there. I’m still waiting, chasing, whatever you call it. Searching, I call it. We have yet to come to terms with one other, although a few things have happened lately that I believe are a showing of His face… I don’t even know if that makes sense. I hope you get it.

    Lovely post, Michael.

  3. Joy says:

    Is this going to work????

  4. Morocco says:

    Very well said and I concur heartily! As with you, I just “know” that Jehovah God is from the encounters that I have had with Him.

    I tend to look at life as a puzzle that will all make sense one day when we can see the full, complete picture. I also take comfort in Romans 8:28.

  5. kweenmama says:

    Well written post. God is real in my life too. There are so many things that have happened to strengthen my faith. And I am grateful for those experiences!

  6. thedailydish says:

    Faith is a hard thing to explain. I have come to accept it is something you either have, or don’t. I’m not sure why either. There doesn’t seem to be a correlation with passion, intensity, intelligence, etc. It’s something some people just seem to be blessed with (literally) or not. I often hope that that can change for folks. There are simply way too many times in my life I have felt God’s hand in something directly, not to believe. Too many, as you’ve said, unaccountable times, not to say Okay God. I get it.

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