The Death of UBL (aka OBL)

Many people know of our American Hero (Sgt Buddy James Hughie) and of Buddy’s being KIA on the border of Pakistan/Afghanistan.  A number of them have asked me how I feel about the recent news of the successful mission carried out by US Navy SEAL Team 6.

Honestly I can’t say how exactly I feek about that.  The recent news from Abbottab, Pakistan has dredged up things in me that I thought I had long ago dealt with.  Anger, grief and a deep sadness.  Strangely, my first thought upon hearing the news was, “How sad for his children and grandchildren.”  Can you believe that?!  Then I felt guilty for feeling anything buy “HOORAY, HE’S DEAD!”  The Number One Terrorist in the world was a hideous human being.  No doubt or question about that.  His mind set and actions has caused untold numbers of people all over the world an unmeasurable amount of anguish.   Still, I can’t help but feel some compassion for his (innocent) children and grandchildren.  I thought, “another daddy gone.” 

All of us who claim the Christ as our Savior… how radically could the world have been changed if that one individual had been captured and also become a follower of the Savior?!  Can you even imagine the termoil that would have caused around the world?   Is it  likely that would have happened had he been caught?  Probably not.  Was it possible?  Well, that depends on who’s god you worship.  If you worship the god that required you to kill people who do not worship the same way you worship than it would never happen.  However, if you worship ad serve the One True God then yes, it certainly was possible.

Am I glad he isn’t around to plan and carry out more terrorit plotws against even more innocentws?  Abolutely!  But I can’t say I’m actually glad he is dead.

I must admit though… I never once prayed for that terrorist.  Not even once.  Sure, I pray (occassionally) for terrorsts.  I pray that they too will come to know Truth.  And if they don’t that they not be able to cause other’s harm before they come to THE Truth.

I know my thoughts and opinions are not very popular.  So what.

As for as releasing the pictures.  I don’t believe they need to be officially released.  They will eventually be leaked by someone.  I don’t need to see them either.  Our lives (my family) have not changed from this week to last.  There will be some other nut-job to fill his shoes that thinks their god needs them to kill for him.  How powerful is your god if he requires you to go around and kill those whom he created?

4 Responses to The Death of UBL (aka OBL)

  1. DM says:

    Michael… Really appreciate your thoughts. Death, revenge, grief, forgiveness etc. …these are not simple things to process

  2. Joy says:

    I really admire your ability to feel this way and see it like this. Really I do. I’m not happy that he’s dead for the same reasons as you BUT, his kids and grandchildren aren’t like yours and mine. They are taught to grow up to hate people. I don’t feel sadness that he’s dead. There, I said it. I do feel bad for the daughter and the wife who were in the room but again, look how this man changed our whole way of life. We also don’t know what kind of a “daddy” he was. Maybe he abused those kids. Look what kind of a man he was. Please don’t feel bad Michael.

    I don’t need to see the “death” pictures either but I’d like to be able to make up my own mind. There are paintings and photo’s since the beginning of time of “death” photo’s. Even Jesus is shown in death. I don’t think any administration should make this decision for us. For those who want to see them I think they should make up their own minds. I don’t generally like it when I’m told what to do on a matter such as this.

  3. This doesn’t seem strange to me at all. I felt that way about watching the hanging of Saddam Hussein. It just felt cruel and inhuman to celebrate.

  4. Randy 'Steam' Stevens says:

    Killing a human being is a nasty business. Even a vile, cruel and wicked human like bin Laden.

    Could I do it? Of course. But I pray that I would take no pleasure in it. No, I did not celebrate his death. There was a sense of satisfaction and a sense of relief.

    Some celebrated because they say he finally got what he deserved. I believe he may actually have deserved worse. And before I celebrate him getting what he deserved I must ask myself……do I really want to get what I deserve?

    The answer is no. I don’t. That is at the core of my faith. Those of us who are Christians celebrate something else entirely. We celebrate the promise that we won’t get what we deserve. And THAT is something worth celebrating.

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