Here we go again bastardizing yet another Holy Man

When St. Patrick was sixteen years old he was captured in his home land of Britain and taken to Ireland as a slave.   Six years later he escaped and returned to his family.  Imagine, as a teenager spending six years in bondage!  Surely he would become bitter.  Not so!  St. Patrick entered the Church and became an ordained Bishop.  At which time he returned to the land where, as a teenager, he was held in slavery.   There, he served as a missionary to the Protestants.  St. Patrick spent his life telling people about the Savior.  St. Patrick wanted everyone to know the only True way to the Father is through the Son.

So let us all celebrate the legacy of  this Holy Man by going out,  getting drunk on green beer, having casual sex with another drunk person, pukeing our guts up and say, ” HAPPY ST. PATRICK’s DAY!!!!!!!”

Perhaps there is a special place for those who use the Godly as their excuse to consume mass quantities of adult beverages.  Perhaps there is.  Think about it.



2 Responses to SAINT PATRICK’S DAY 2011

  1. Servant says:

    There has always been a sense of paradox that people would practice sin in order to honor a saint. (I know, I know…before anyone else corrects me…drinking per se is not sin. However, clearly drunkenness is…My comment stands)

  2. Laura says:

    Servant – “drunkenness” could fall under the sin of “gluttony”, or possibly do double duty as “sloth”, so no worries.

    I believe that part of his legacy – if Veggie Tales is correct, of course – is the Shamrock as the explanation of the Trinity. He used the three leaves of the Shamrock plant to illustrate the “three Gods (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) in one person” concept to the then-Pagans of his adopted country.

    And, of course, you can’t forget the Snakes!!

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