smoking baby girl

The following is a glimpse into how some parents are…. well you read it and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Below is text that I copied/pasted from one of my Facebook friends.  I have changed the names.  Everything else is just as the commentors have written it.

CAST OF CHARAC TERS;  Haley is the daughter of Alicia.  TEEN GIRL is friends with Haley and Alicia and apparently not very fond of how Haley speaks to Alicia (her friend’s mother).

TEEN GIRL: @ Haley, I dont know you other than seeing you with Betty or at Alicias. But i just want to say that i have known Alicia for going on 2 years and she does not lie. She is an adult and doesnt have to explain her self to you. If anything she tells it like it is and you are being rude and ugly to her when all she does is …try to help people. She doesnt deserve the way you are talking/messaging her, and she doesnt have to put up with it. She doesnt let her kids talk to her like that, so why should you be any different? Again she is the adult you are not. Im sorry, but this had to be said. Hope you have a good night.    Thursday 10:48pm 

THE MOTHER: well, as Hellens mother, I know that Hellen gets angry and says things she shouldnt but I also know that I kind of understand how she feels. Its not nice to keep secrets and be the target of the secrets. It is also not nice to purchase phones… for children and have them keep it s secret from their parents. But maybe thats considered the same thing they are telling Hellen….you didnt ask so we didnt tell. As a parent, I think that is unacceptable! I shouldn’t HAVE to ask my child if someone purchased her a phone or anything else. If she doesnt have one, then maybe I, as her parent, have a reason for that. You think?    Friday at 8:19am

THE MOTHER: Personally, I love Betty and I love that she is my daughters friend. And I try to stay out of Hellens business, but I still know her business at the same time….but I feel she needs to live her life and make her mistakes, I will be here to help her through tham. But I was already a teenager….I think I’ll let her be one too. However I am not sure if Betty will be allowed to remain friends with Hellen now and if not…it will not be my doing….. Friday at 8:24am ·

TEEN GIRL:  i understand and get all of that, and like i said i dont know Hellen except for passing by. But it seems to me a child should never talk to an adult the way she did alicia. Thats just my opinon. and you can let her be a teenager and at the same time have rules. Friday at 8:39am ·

THE MOTHER:  yes, I agree. She should not talk to an adult like that AND I told her that….to her face, not on fb. But as you said you dont know Hellen, NOR do you know me. However, it sounds like you have already formed an opinin of me, but I will say that I have rules! Fortunately, they donot include lying to the parents of my childs friends or sneeking around them with the “dont ask, dont tell” theory.  Friday at 11:00am ·

TEEN GIRL let me just say that I have not formed an opinin of you, i dont know you. I was simply stating that I thought it was rude for her to talk to an adult like that.   Friday at 11:33am




  1. Joy says:

    I’m not even sure what to think. It’s kind of a silly conversation. They don’t know each other so I’m curious as to why they’d put so much interest in this. What am I missing?

  2. mssc54 says:


    It looks to me like the MOTHER is basically saying, “Yeh, my kid screws up so what. I screwed up when I was a teenager and she deserves the right to screw up on her own. Big deal.”

    Instead of trying to guide her teenager toward proper, respectful behavior she appears willing to let her screw up and suffer the consequences. I don’t get that “style” of parenting.

    Why not to teach your teenager too keep them from making some of the same mistakes you made?

    It appears that the teen girl commenting in this thread was the one who was more mature about things.

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