Why are Atheists so hateful toward people of faith?


I have, upon occasion, visited Blogs written by Atheists.  When I take the time to leave a (respectful) comment I am always blasted by other commenters.  And they don’t approach me with the slightest bit of civility either.  Name calling seems to be one of the most used forms of communicating.

I won’t try to get into all the “whys” that Atheists are so mean to people of faith.  Except that one of the most common themes seem to revolve around the “Look at how religion has played such a role in violence over the centuries.”  I must agree that they do have a very valid point with that argument.    But then again you don’t have to believe in any religious god to have a violent following.

It has been my personal observation that there are “haters” on both sides of this issue.  Like any disagreement each party can become very hateful, vindictive and down right cruel.  I will say that the Atheists have a valid argument when they say that religion’s role in violence over the centuries has been abhorrent.  However, they (the Atheists) are confusing the humans who claim to be followers of their religion’s diety with the founder/diety of  that very same religion.  

Mankind, for the most part, has been selfish since Adam and Eve.  Of course that was not the Creator’s intent.  However, He gave Adam and Eve the ability to choose and they each chose self over loving obedience.  The rest as they say is history.

I’m getting a bit off track here.  The purpose of this Blog post is not to proselytize but to try to determine why it is that Atheists must resort to such crude, hateful and denigrating forms of communicating to people of faith.

Surely no one can expect to “convert” a person by berating them.  It matters not what the subject matter is (politics, religion, alternative life styles) I think it is better to communicate in a polite and respectful manner if you want the other person to try to see the point you are making.

I have some childhood friends who (as children under their parents’ supervision) were full participants in their local churches.  Now, as adults, they could not be further from those beliefs and practices.   I must say that, for the most part, they have been pretty-much respectful of my faith… for the most part.  Of course they tend to throw little jabs by trying to get them in through the back door, so to speak.  I notice them and ignore them.  But it makes my heart ache (proverbially speaking of course).   I wonder how it is that an individual can get from “here to there”.  I do know that the One True God had nothing to do with them taking that journey. 

I suspect that people develope deep-seeded negative views toward God based on how they have been treated.  SOMEONE had to betray or even abuse them to chase them from their former beliefs.

I think it can be much like a dog that becomes so vicious that the only choice is to quarantine it or too put it down.   And NO I am not saying that Atheists should be quaranteened or put down!  That vicious dog was someone’s little puppy one day.  Full of love and promise.  Everyone loves a fluffy little puppy.  But because the puppy isn’t properly cared for as it is growing up it developes some bad habits.  Rather than spend the time to lovingly show this puppy better ways to correct its unwanted behavior it is neglected or even worse abused.  The more neglect and abuse the puppy receives the more ardent it becomes in its beliefe that whenever “those people” come around its bad news.   And after a while the puppy has grown into a dog that knows (based on repeated abusive treatment) that when “those people” come around they are going to make life miserable.

I think there is a significant number of us who claim to be Christian who will have some answering to do about the way we interacted with or fellow created beings when we find ourself at the Bema Seat.

God help us all.


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  1. Joy says:

    I’m not sure Michael but you have a very good point. I’m not sure why but now that you mention it, atheists just seem to be angry in general. Either that or I think they are so into trying to get you to change that they get angry when you won’t budge.

  2. amber says:

    Ok here we go… At the risk of totallly becoming “Unfriended” by you here we go.

    First of all, I personally have never ever seen anyone as judgemental as “BAC’s”. I have been literally told by several that Im going to hell because I don’t choose to believe and worship as they do. Its as simple as that to them.

    No other religion does that. If you hang out with Jew’s they always talk about being jewish, but they don’t try to convert you. If you hang out with Muslims, most only talk in simple terms about God in their own lives. Never try to convert. Budhists, are the same.

    Why is it that people of the Christian faith are so willing to damn me to hell? And Im not even an athiest!

    You see, there are haters from all sides. I have been to Lindseys blog too many times to see the BAC’s just destroy anyone who isn’t of their faith or beliefs. Its absolutely rediculous. Look at how MANY of them treat the issue of homosexuality and you will see true haters.

    Im sorry I think this is an issue of people in general and their own personal belief systems and prejudices, rather than a simple thing of Athiests and Christians. Period.

    • Lavidia Bateson says:

      I go to a Church of Christ, and there are often sermon where the prechers tell us that we need to spread the word of god to show our loyalty and faith, we are not trying to be rude but we are told it is good to covert other people to our religion because, and don’t hate me for saying this, we are saving them.

    • Stephanie Barresi says:

      I know this is an old post, but see those are the type of Christians that sort of gives us a bad rep. I first, must apologize for how they approached you. We as Christian are meant to approach all and everyone with love, patience and an open mind. However, the bible is misinterpreted too many times. There is no single way to worshipping God, you worship how you worship. And the reason why I feel some chrisitan resort to say “Blasphemy!” is because they lack the patience. Patience is another key thing we are taught, we must exercise that and from what I see, they have yet to.

      So I understand how you feel, because although I am a Christian, I have been to churches that have the same mind-set. I have been told for example: “If you do not speak in tounges, then you do not have the holy spirit”

      When to be given the Holy Spirit, you must be baptized by water, not of tounges.

      So you see, I understand. Please understand that there are still many Christians that aren’t like the ones you have met.

    • I understand how you feel. I grew up Lutheran, then became Catholic. When I was a kid there was a lot of animosity between followers of those faiths. I’m happy to say that there does not seem to be as much now. I think that’s because both sides feel that religion in general is under attack.

      I’ve not been, but have heard of, those churches where the preacher in his sermon will fervently declare that if you are a (insert name here) you will go to hell! Or….they will accuse another faith as being Devil worshipers.

      I’m not the most religious person in the world but when I hear comments like those I get defensive. I want to tell them ” Don’t you realize that when you make put down another faith you give the Atheists another excuse to make fun of us?” Yet people who do seem clueless to that fact.

      I’ll never forget the baptist who told my wife the Catholic and Lutheran faith’s were cults. It made me wonder what kind of an education she had.

      We people of all faiths need to put our differences aside and work together. That does not mean we all follow the same religious practices nor does it mean we give up our individual beliefs. We need to come together because Christianity itself is under attack both overtly and covertly.

  3. Hayden Tompkins says:

    I have noticed that people get ridiculous online when it comes to faith and politics, or even talking about celebrities. Something about relative anonymity leaves people feeling free to be nasty and it then escalates.

    That’s why I don’t even bother anymore.

    • DM says:

      Hayden you said,”Something about relative anonymity leaves people feeling free to be nasty….that’s why I don’t even bother anymore.” My thoughts exactly.

  4. marlajayne says:

    I don’t pretend to know the answer to this question, and yet it just crossed my mind that truly “God is love,” and maybe some of the atheists are that way because somehow they don’t feel the love. At the same time, some so-called Christians don’t act very loving, and that causes me to question whether they’re really just taking His name in vain.

  5. kweenmama says:

    It is unfortunate that there are “haters” in both camps. I’ve never been able to figure out why people can’t simply respect each others beliefs in a non-judgmental way. So many people are trying to remove the motes out of others eyes that they fail to see the beam in their own.

  6. fairlane says:

    your attempts at psycho-analysis are both laughable, and pathetic.


    the motives you attribute to others are your own.

    you don’t love god. you hate people. you use god as an excuse to look down on them.

    your so-called love reeks of condescension, and self-loathing.

    that’s why.

    you don’t possess the intelligence to understand the breadth of your own inquiries.

    • mssc54 says:


      Thanks for proving my point.

      • fairlane says:

        and thank you for proving mine.

        you don’t care why “atheists” (anyone bold enough to call out bullshit) dislike “christians.”

        if you did, you’d pose the question, and let others answer.

        instead, you asked and answered the question yourself.

        i mean, you couldn’t make your motives any more obvious.

        in truth, you, and that sycophant “servant” should thank me. i fast forwarded to the only part about which you seem to care, the part where you smugly say, “tsk, tsk, tsk,” and “garsh, we really tried,” and the pièce de résistance, “thanks for proving my point.”

        this entire post is nothing more than a setup for a punchline.


        who said i’m an atheist?


        who the (edited) are you?

      • mssc54 says:


        You could be right. It’s more of a curiosity than a need to know.

        Regarding asking and answering the question myself. It’s my Blog and that’s how I write. As you may have been able to discern, I am far from a professional writer. I write like I think, outloud. Sometimes it’s messy but that’s the process I use in sorting things out. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Additionally, my asking and answering does not keep others from commenting.

        As for the “who said I was an atheist taunt… You actually demonstrated your belief system (or lack there of) by the way you interacted here on my Blog.

        Saying you are or are not an atheist does’t make or not make you one any more than a person who claims to be a Christian and then leads a life of debauchery makes them one.

        Finally, I don’t mind you commenting on my Blog but I must insist that you leave the more colorful language over at your Blog.

        Thanks for taking the time.

    • Stephanie Barresi says:

      I am sorry that you have that feeling towards us. But do understand that not every one of us, is like that. It is true, you do have Christians that use that as an excuse to exercise their hate, however, like everything else in this world, it is because they misinterpret what is taught to them, or have people that taught them wrong.

      I know you believe what you believe, but so do we. I love and yes I am not perfect. As for those who do the self-loathing, It is not written in our bible to be as such: we are taught to be humble in all our ways, not arrogant.

      “A man’s pride brings him low, but a man of lowly spirit gains honor.”

      They may have the verses to quote with them, but they lack the understand and wisdom behind it.

      I am not trying to convert you, but I am trying to show you, not all Christians are as what you stated.

  7. Servant says:

    That’s all you can say about fairlane.
    Not even an attempt to be civil…

  8. walking with God today says:

    My daughter has a very scientific mind and high IQ. She “can’t believe that Jesus, though a pretty cool guy, was who he said he was. Nor can she believe in a being so great and powerful as” her mother’s God. We are in disagreement but we love each other very much. If I start screaming the Gospel at her it will drive her away from me and I am truly trying to be an example of Christianity that she sould point to and say ‘there’s one right there!’

    When she makes a remark quoting scientific evidence I reply with Biblical referance and say I’m glad we can respect each other’s point of view. In this way we don’t argue. Once again – we love each other I would say “as Jesus commanded us” she might say because we are related and so much alike genectically.

    • Bonnie Austin says:

      She sounds like a wonderful girl. You must be proud of her. I would suggest having her watch wazooloo on youtube and getting her interested in the prophetically on point passages of the bible. Just google bible prophecy and there are tons of very interesting sites. Bless you and bless all my atheist friends out there. Look up Gods love letter it is beautifully put together. Love Bonnie

  9. goldnsilver says:

    Ok, as a bonafide atheist, I will try to explain some things.

    But first, I’d like to say that your right about there being rude and disrespectful people on both sides – and its not good from either end.

    I’d like to make a point – if you want to know about atheist motivations, go and find an atheist and talk to them. Its pretty simple. I can see by some of the things you’ve said in your post that you’ve got no idea on the subject.

    For instance, your puppy explanation was just….wrong. I’m not an atheist because I’ve been treat badly or abused, by religion or religious people, or by random people in my life. If I am treat nicely I will not welcome a loving God.

    I’m an atheist because this way of life makes sense to me, the way life makes sense to you in terms of God. Where you see creation, I see evolution. Where you see a plan, I see chance. This is a very simplistic explanation of complex ideas, but if you’d like to know more I’d be happy to oblige.

  10. Steelcore1085 says:

    I don’t really know why Atheists are so hateful towards people of Christian faith. Maybe one of the reasons is because of their “intellectual being” and saying that “believing in a God makes no sense”? Or “the Christians always say I’m going to go to Hell (those who believe in Me shall have eternal life, as God says in the Bible)”.

    I can’t even be friends with Atheists because all of the ones I’ve met are full of hatred. Whenever I make spiritual connection to things or say I believe in ghosts, and then the remark always is “oh, so you’re one of those Jesus-freaks, eh? That’s just great!” and they come up with more insults as time goes along. Personally, it upsets me when they do this. Doesn’t seem like they care, though, since they find it amusing to make nasty comments like that.

    We only try to have Atheists become Christians because God tells us to spread the word and bring more people to his Kingdom and make more followers while spreading God’s word. My guess is Atheists are intolerant and just berate Christians who are only trying to help others. I guess people are too stuck in their own ways to be open-minded towards different people.

    • Stephanie Barresi says:

      Honestly, it’s all about how they always been approached. You approach a person with love and a lot of us, I must say are quick to condemn before they can truly listen.

      “A gentle answer deflects anger,
      but harsh words make tempers flare.”

  11. Stephanie Barresi says:

    I think honestly there is a misconception about both sides periods, while we do have good apples there is always one in the group. I think we just need time to sit down without any type of judgement and find an understanding.

  12. Laura says:

    I talk to many people. Some accept what I say and some do not. I asked God once why the atheists didn’t seem to understand my words. I asked Him if I was using words that were just too big or difficult to understand. He told me that faith isn’t a matter of the mind, it is a matter of the heart. Perhaps, its not disillusionment that makes an atheist an atheist, but perhaps it is the heart. When an atheist reads the Bible, he “leans on his own understanding” and if it doesn’t make sense, he rejects it. When I read the Bible, if I don’t understand, because I believe it is the divine word of God, I study harder and pray until I do understand.

  13. Ben says:

    Hi. Atheist here.

    There are a number of things this brings up, I’ll just address a few.

    First, atheism doesn’t have any dogma, book, or set of goals. It is simply a lack of belief in a god or gods. And while it is reasonable to attribute violence to religions that lay out violent advice, either via their written dogma or via “guidance” given in the name of the religion, it is a mistake to turn to atheism and presume that an atheist is doing violence in the cause of atheism — because there is no cause.

    Second, atheists tend to be upset with theists, and in particular Christians, because day in and day out, society attempts to impose Christianity upon us and our families. From the swearing “so help me god” in a courtroom, to the prayer requirement in congress, to the closure of various retail establishments on one of the only two days a week most of us have to to shop, to the bewildered “creationist” nonsense that places like Texas are trying to get inserted into schoolbooks, Christianity, in various proactive forms, intrudes upon and aggravates our lives.

    More on that… we atheists do well to remember the closeting of Galileo, the burning at the stake of Giordano Bruno, the crusades, blood libel, sexual repression, and more — all done in the name of, at the behest of, religious dogma and actions that descend directly from it. The same cannot be said of atheists and atheism — because there is no such atheist dogma. Sure, there are plenty of crazed, nasty people who are atheists, just as there are crazed, nasty religionists, but these atheists are not this way *because* of atheism; whereas religion forms the *basis* for being nasty by forbidding this and that, threatening these people and those people, claiming superiority for adherents (and either implicitly or explicitly degrading non-adherents), trying to bend societies into a mold that matches the religious dogma, and so on. Atheism doesn’t do any of those things.

    Speaking again specifically as a person who is atheist, if you can keep your religion out of my hair and away from my children, then I have no problem with you or your beliefs. But… the very second you start telling my kids nonsense such as the world was made by a man in the sky, they can’t wear mixed fibers, or homosexuality is evil, you’re fiddling with things you shouldn’t be, and yeah, I’m going to point at you and say “Kids, that person is either lying or bewildered. Best to assume they don’t know what they’re talking about. Come away now.” Considering how widespread religious beliefs of various stripes are, you will correctly infer that indeed, such warnings are the rule rather than the exception.

    • Milan says:

      “whereas religion forms the *basis* for being nasty by forbidding this and that, threatening these people and those people, claiming superiority for adherents (and either implicitly or explicitly degrading non-adherents),”

      Lets apply this to your post,

      “the very second you start telling my kids nonsense such as the world was made by a man in the sky, they can’t wear mixed fibers, or homosexuality is evil, I’m going to point at you and say “Kids, that person is either lying or bewildered. Best to assume they don’t know what they’re talking about. Come away now.”

      Nasty, check, Defiantly degrading them by pointing and implying they are either a lier or crazy. Your examples are also quite degrading in the way they are used…

      to the bewildered “creationist” nonsense that places like Texas are trying to get inserted into schoolbooks, Christianity, in various proactive forms, intrudes upon and aggravates our lives.”

      “trying to bend societies into a mold that matches the religious dogma, and so on. Atheism doesn’t do any of those things.” By not allowing any “creationist nonsense” in school are you not doing exactly what you said you don’t do? “bend societies into a mold that matches the religious dogma”…

  14. Heyden says:

    I think there are multiple reasons for how Atheists treat Christians. And while I won’t pretend to know everything about how the world works and/or how the human mind works, I will say that part of it is 1: A defense mechanism as they feel threatened and intimidated by what they see on tv and online, and 2: A mob mentality causes them to gang up and group together in “hate groups” and just spin each others wheels, the way that even some “Christians” do. And on the other hand, while being a devout Catholic and in my opinion a good Catholic, I don’t think it is right for us to try to push people and badger them into believing the same thing as us. We say we’re trying to save them, trying to help them, but what if they don’t want our help? You can’t force help on someone who does not want it because from their point of view it’s not help. It’s harassment to them and they feel aggravated and pestered by it. That’s why I believe we ALL should just let each other individually choose what we believe, and stop trying to force our own beliefs on each other, because I know I damn sure don’t appreciate when Atheists try to mock my faith and insult me, so why would I do the same? We should respect each others beliefs, and if we have different views on that, then leave that behind we are interacting socially. If we have similar beliefs then great, talk about how much you love your faith /lack there-of but leave it alone around people who are different. This is America, where people should be allowed to be themselves with NO ONE telling them “You’re stupid and uneducated take a science class” OR “You’re going to hell” constantly, or ever. Just try being kind and courteous to each other it’s really not that hard if we all just tried it. Thank you
    -P.S. I’m 16 so don’t rip into me for sentence structure etc.

  15. Mikey says:

    As an Atheist, the only time I get rude or judgemental toward Christians is as a reaction to the very same attitudes. If say a Christian decides to say “You are going to hell” I’ll say “You’re worm food.” If Christians attack social rights on the basis of morality, I’ll point out decidedly immoral quotations in the bible.

    I will say that in the USA for instance, Christians are in the majority and a very loud majority. I do get told regularly that I will suffer eternal damnation for not accepting Christ into my life. That is a rather bold threat, and once you try to use a little empathy, and see that concept of hell through a Christian point of view.

    I will venture to go far as to say that the Christians I encounter poison Atheists/Agnostics against them by preaching their religion by preaching it in a way that I think is out of order logically. Here is the usual modern Christian conversion method for Catholics and Protestants that I run into.

    1. Explain concept of Eternal Damnation
    2. Instill fear due to a combination of fear of torture and the attempt to comprehend infinity.
    3. Offer Leap of Faith in the form of the Christ and the Godhead to escape the fear that was instilled by steps 1-2.
    4. Have these newly converted zealots spread their beliefs mirroring the conversion method of those who converted them.
    5. Repeat.

    When you are subjected to this method repeatedly, and reject the Leap of Faith because of whatever perceived reason (I believe for instance that the existence of God is a speculative hypothesis of extremely low probability, and that the theory of evolution is a documentable hypothesis of extremely high probability,) many first become annoyed and eventually bitter and angry. It is an eventual emotional reaction to the Eternal Damnation threat.

    Also there is visual bombardment by Christians that is explicitly protected by the 1’st Amendment. One cannot drive down the street without being threatened with Eternal Damnation. In a way I’ll say that this is in a way one of the main reasons of Atheist hostilities. You may not attack us yourself, but we are attacked by Christianity on our way to pick up our groceries, on our way to work, while we are taking our kids to school, etc. If some seem hostile/rude toward you, it may be because of the accumulation of visual written threats on the signs in front of your Churches. Atheists however usually don’t meet up, or install billboards, etc, so this method is rather one sided on in favor of Christians.

    I’m rambling and could go on for hours, just wrote that to burn some time, and do some mental gymnastics.

    • Ryan says:

      Hello my friend. First of all thank you and other atheists like you for posting your comment respectfully. Secondly, I understand how you feel and I know how many Christians act toward not only atheists, but fellow Christians as well. I would like to apologize on behalf of those of us who do our best to love our neighbors as ourselves. The way these Christians that you have described act is not what Christ has taught. They seem to forget the commandment that Jesus gave us in John 15:12 “Love one another as I have loved you.” As a Christian I see you as a fellow human being and deserving of as much love and respect that I would expect others to show me. If you don’t believe in God, that is your choice. Do I hope that you will change your mind in the future. of course. Can I or should I force you to change your mind. No. The choice is yours and no other’s. Please understand that not all Christians are judgmental, bigoted and hateful as those you have encountered. I hope they will come to show more love towards their fellow men. Thank you for your understanding, and if I may be permitted to say so, God be with you my friend.

  16. Haleigh says:

    Long story short, I myself am a Christian and I have no problems what so ever if someone’s an Atheist or any other religion.
    I’m not the type of person to talk shit about someone else just because of their views. I was taught to live and let live. Too bad some people can’t live like that in the world.

  17. Kattie says:

    Athiest are not that mean. I am an athiest. And I am not mean. Its just the person your talking to that’s mean. We don’t care what anyone’s religion is. The only thing that bothers us that makes us mean is when we are forced upon religion. When I was little I was forced into 3 diffrent religions because of my step dad and by dad and mom. Now that Ian older. I don’t care about religion any more. Why even worry about it. My parents still try to force religion upon me. And you can’t do that. It pushed the perso farther away from it. That’s the #1 thing we don’t like. And people start rumors that we are bad people abd mean because they dont like what we think. And we don’t try to change tour pout of view on religion.

  18. JustPassingThrough says:

    I wonder how many people here actually have been confronted by an appalling atheist or christian in-person as opposed to online. Hiding behind a computer screen brings out the violent and hateful nature in us all unfortunately. I’ve seen people on both sides that are completely intolerant of other beliefs to the point of wishing DEATH upon anyone who doesn’t think the way they do. I’ve learned to just stick to my guns no matter what and to always show love and peace towards all. Not because my Bible says to, but because it is what I feel is right in my heart and soul. If someone attacks my beliefs, why should I HAVE to respond and enter a spontaneous and pointless debate when that other person will possibly NEVER agree with me? People are too quick to go on the defense when there’s another option that doesn’t help spread hate: turning the other cheek. Just my two cents. Cheers!

  19. Karina says:

    Well this is a dumb question. You make it sounds like only atheists are mean to people. If you have been in the world long enough to drink legally in America… you should have ran into dicks of all sorts different beliefs, races and age.

    Don’t think there aren’t “christians” that go to atheist sites only to insult and tell people how funny it is that they are all going to hell. There are even Buddhist monks running around in gangs killing off whole families.

    We (atheist) may be mean at times, laughing about something that to us seems so blatantly made up…. but your side tends to have a few more sociopaths, laughing at our future damnation. It’s really creepy, to see people typing things like “HAHA UR ALL LOOSERZ!!!! BURN IN HELL FAGS!!!!”

    I thought it wasn’t christian-like of them… but then again what do I know? lol

    So yea, either it’s like the other guy said and you were just trying to stir up some teenage atheists to possibly insult you and thus “proving your point”.

    Or you are just dumb 😦

    • eban says:

      I am a Christian having only meet 3 atheists in my life. All were very aggressively against christianity.

      The first became angry when after having received a big bonus from out company, i said “thank God for this bonus”. She in a critical tone stated “thank God, ha, you mean thank the economy, the country, the president, three is no God”. Wow, what an unexpected angry response.

      Then later i witnessed her scold a person for saying “bless you” after she sneezed. “don’t ever say that to me again”

      However she let her son celebrate Easter and Christmas, wouldn’t that confuse her son?

      The second, wanted to argue and argue over and over repeating that the Bible is a lie after i said i was a Christian. Okay, i get your belief but it is not mine and i will not argue with you about it. You are a human being, a person, , someone loves you, i don’t want to distrespect and humiliate you, i don’t want to have a debate with you. I see the anger in your body language. I will respect you, please don’t get upset, i don’t want an argument. Wow!

      The last, my son, we love each other, but if i express what i believe, he gets angry. He says my belief is based on lies. He says he doesn’t need religion to tell him how to be a good person. He believes we are here randomly. Just like the first atheist, he gives me cruel remarkes should i openly thank God for something in my life.

      We are called to first love God with all our heats and mind and second to love others. So although the love is not recipricated, we are called to love others, show love to the aggressive atheist.

      Pray that they would receive the holy spirit because it is through the spirit that the truth is revealed

      • eban says:

        Also, Christians, although many of us have not walked in love in the past, and will make mistakes in the future, remember we are representatives of Christ, we through our walk in life can help bring more people to Christ through example rather than through quarreling.

  20. Brandon says:

    Being an atheist, I believe in constructive conversation. I don’t hate or talk bad about anyone for believing in a certain religion or not believing. You talk in this piece as if you are not judgmental but then mention how atheists are abused puppies… yea that’s completely tolerant. I wasn’t abused or whatever you want to say when I was younger. I went to a christian school during my early years, I never believed what they were saying and that is plain and simple. I don’t say your way is right or wrong, just don’t tell me my way is. That is why you think atheists are angry because they are only angry when you try to preach to them. No one wants to hear it, the opinion has been formed, you aren’t going to change it.

  21. Matt says:

    You are forgetting the main reason that atheists had God, Jesus, and us. Jesus said it in John 7:7. They hate Jesus because He testifies that their ways are evil.

  22. MormonGuy says:

    I can appreciate this article. I was bullied as a kiss by other kids who were atheists and didn’t like me being Christian. I was also bullied by other Christians because they thought that my faith was a devil worshipping cult. And because I am a twin and love music and art–because I’m different. I took up martial arts when things got physically violent.

    But the fact remains that we were kids being kids. I don’t let that affect me. I treat everyone like a friend and that’s it. Didn’t influence how I see atheists and other Christians now: human brings deserving of my love, respect, kinship, and kindness. It helps that my faith teaches that anyway. It was as a youngster, but I’ve grown since.

    You’re all good folks.

  23. Alyssa says:

    I’m an atheist, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I don’t hate any gods, and I don’t hate Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Sith Lords, etc. I also don’t have any animosity towards any religious group, or any group in general. I simply don’t have faith in a higher power, or a hope that I will get to live again after I die. I rely on my observations, and religion can’t hold up with that. I simply refuse to have faith in something blindly and without evidence.

    I am not angry at religious people, nor do I hate them. At most, I am frustrated that they can’t just live and let live. Ever since I started letting people know that I’m an atheist, I’ve been handed bibles, and told that I was going to suffer an eternity of hell-fire for not following God’s plan. I’m happy that you have that thing in your life that you can fall back on and I won’t take that away from you, but I would appreciate it if you would return the favor.

    I don’t have any problem with anybody practicing their faith. I do have a problem, however, when those people start making laws that impose on other people’s choices, or when they report critical events in a biased fashion. Another thing that bothers me is that so many wars are fought over religion. Christians and Muslims have been fighting each other on the basis that they believe different things for way too long. The fact that we can’t just accept each other’s differences is very upsetting to me. As an atheist, I think that I can accept people as more than just what their religion makes them, because I simply accept them as a fellow human being. A human being with plans, family, hobbies, and potential contributions to society.

  24. Mickey says:

    I have searched and searched for the answer to this question. Why are atheists so angry? If they live a “free” life, free from written biblical laws and rules, in their own lives, why are they still so unhappy? Why do they care about how I live? One atheist said anger was necessary to change the laws on gay marriage, etc.. but I am not talking about that. I am all for people protesting and fighting for what they believe in. I am talking about how atheists come off to people 24/7. Angry all the time. In my experience, years of working, atheists have a negative view on basically everything. If I am a caring Christian, Hindu, Muslim, etc, wouldn’t I try to speak to that person, as a human being to help them find PEACE in their lives? But that just infuriates them even more. I learned, even with social media, to let friends vent their anger, and wait for the next angry post. I won’t try to stop, change, add my two cents, because in a matter of minutes, hours, or days, they are onto a new rant. Aren’t we all in some way?

  25. Mr. Mike says:

    I think most atheists would like, like most people, to be left alone, to live their lives in peace. I suspect there is a small to moderate sized minority that is very vociferous and unpleasant. I’ve read some of their blogs and, yes, they can be really very hateful. The way they respond to people can be so arrogant and condescending. As though anyone who does not have a purely materialist view of reality is some kind of dope. I might guess that this is often the result of bad experiences they have had with “religious people” and/or religious institutions. I know quite a few agnostic-atheist people. They are all pretty normal and pleasant, and don’t live to dissect the five proofs for the existence of God. In fairness, I’ve met some pretty hateful Christians. In fact, we Christians can be pretty hateful toward each other. I think people that make a lot of noise get a lot of attention, and can appear representative of a group. Noisy, nasty atheists are to be avoided. Same can be said of Catholics and Baptists.

  26. Not saying says:

    In my opinion, as an atheist, I used to be a little hatful to people of faith, and it took me a while to figure out why. I felt like they had lied to me, and continued to lie by maintaining their faith. I felt like I had wasted much of my life on the church, and that those who still had faith were still lying to me. I felt like there was no way they could really believe. I guess I should explain a little better. When I became an atheist, I hated myself for questioning gods word. For defying his will, for going against my family. It was not a… Comfortable transformation. But afterwords, I had my conviction to say that I didn’t believe in God. That said, people with faith angered me for (as I felt) choosing to be blind and ignorant. Why could they worship nothing? I couldn’t understand why they had faith. Its like a thorn in your side. Churches are everywhere in America, I’ve yet to see any town without one. And billboards, and signs and protesters and clothes and graffiti and jewelry and weddings and lawn ornaments. It is literally everywhere. You feel trapped, like a rat. It’s a constant reminder that people still believe in the bible and treat you differently because you don’t. and then you got the people that say “you are going to burn forever in a fiery pit of hell for not believing in our god because he loves you” and act like a broken record. So, in a way, it’s understandable to be a little bit cranky with people in general.

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