Prophetic word.

My local church is a nondenominational church.  One of the criticisms that non denominational churches get is that the Senior Pastor is not accountable to anyone.  I understand, of course, that we are ALL ultimately accountable to the Lord but some people need to know that their church leader is not just out there doing willy-nilly whatever he personally chooses.  Some pastors have taken advantage of their position of authority and “wounded” many souls.  I am very pleased to say that I completely believe that my pastor is obedient to the voice of the Lord and that he also submits to his pastor’s guidance.

Some years ago my pastor wisely recognised his need/desire to find himself (and ultimately his “flock”) a pastor’s pastor.  He is involved with a group of other pastors who meet (via conference call) on a weekly basis.  Periodically our pastor’s pastor (Pastor Rod) comes to visit.  Pastor Rod (ironically) is from the same Cajun home town that my mother is from so when he comes to visit and speak/teach I can easily understand his sense of humor and relate to his stories. 

Last month when Pastor Rod was visiting our church he prophesied over some people.  Not everyone but most (I think).  The following is the word he had for me and my Mrs.



SATURDAY, JANUARY 24, 2009 – Pastor Rod


Michael the boudin man.  God we thank you for Michael.  This is your wife?  Your wife?  Bonnie is your wife? Your married?  35 years that’s a long time.  That’s good.  She’s good to you, yeh.  Yeh, I married Mary, I married her when she was 11.  Yeh you married…yeh, no doubt about it, beautiful women marry ugly men.  Holy Spirit we anoint them, in Jesus name, in Jesus name. There’s fresh oil coming (from heaven).  There’s fresh oil coming Michael.  I’m just…I just hear this word.  God says I’m going to take the wildness you had in your old life and I’m going to anoint you to be a wild man in the House of the Lord, to to be anointed to take authority over the powers of darkness and set the captives free.  In Jesus name.  In Jesus name.  And, and God I just hear the Word of the Lord as Michael gets close to the authority of the House, come under good, come under good support him.  There’s a spirit of prayer on your life and God wants to increase it in days to come to come under your pastor to under gird him with prayer in Jesus name.  Let’s hear this word for both of you.  Deacons in the House.  Servants in the House.  In Jesus name serve the tables, go to the pastor and pastor whatever… pastor you’re getting ready to build a new building.  God is going to anoint your hands to work out there and to help and to be a labor in the field in Jesus name. 


God bless this woman.  God increase her in days to come, in Jesus name.  You are not a reject. You are not a nobody. You are a somebody in God’s Kingdom, in Jesus name.  You love folks not the Lord says come forth and start lovin them. Just start reaching out to them, in Jesus name the enemy has tried to keep a bushel over your life.  I just see a spirit of rejection.  Intimidation has tried to  come against your mind… hey, I can’t do anything.  God says you can, I’ve anointed you to do, I’ve anointed you to be in Jesus name.  I see the gifts of helps inside of you, to be a helper in the House of the Lord and to use these hands to serve the table, in Jesus name.  I see you spreading out food at tables.  I see you serving people.  I see you loving people with the love of your hands and your heart in Jesus name.


I think when these sort of moments happen in our lives it is important to make the time to get the recorded message and to transcribe it.  That way you can read over it time and again.  I think this enables one (or at least me) to more easily see the path and to recognise that when certain moments appear it was not by happen-stance.  It is important (to me) to recognize the Divine Order over/in my life!



February 4th, 2010

This morning has begun as a most challenging morning.  I was looking back through some of my earlier posts and “stumbled across” this one.  I sure needed to hear this again.  I think I’ll print it out, laminate it and keep it in my Bible to regularly review it.

Since this prophetic word was spoken over me we have adopted a five-year old boy and a seven-year old daughter (they are biological siblings).  It was forty-two month process but God was faithful in every way to see us through all the necessary legal hoops.


4 Responses to Prophetic word.

  1. laughlivemedia says:

    Ok first i want to say….that the” porn tag” is well!!! funny and possibly a good idea to get non-believers ..sad to say some believers to read a Christian blog.

    Anyway…i just wanted to say I agree on the whole transcribing of the prophecy ASAP….or have someone write it for you as you get one…or start carrying a tape recorder to church…either way I love listen to mine during the good days and bad days…

    mssc54 replied:

    LLM: Haha, thanks I got six or seven visits from people who entered “Free porn” into their search last weekend.

    I think being able to read the prophecy is edifying.

  2. brianshaw says:

    God bless you both and Happy Birthday to your Mrs.

    mssc54 replied:

    Brianshaw: Thank you, thank you very much! (said in my bestest Elvis voice)

  3. Tessa says:

    That’s really neat. I would like to find a non-denominational church.

  4. Karen Joy says:

    Oh I just love the prophetic!I grew up in this type of church.YES,its great to record them to reread or listen too.I love the words of knowlegde God would give my mom .She is passed away now and I have some of what she had for me written awesome to reread them.

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