Is it that time of year or a life style?


The other day I stopped by the local Dollar Store for something or other.  I forget what it was.  But then I found Nilla Wafers for only $3 dollars a box so I picked up a couple of boxes.

I got in line behind this eldery lady who had a couple of cans of beans, toilet paper, a six pack of soda, a single Christmas card and a few other things.

When it was the elderly lady’s turn I leaned over and put my Nilla Wafers on the counter with her stuff and instructed the cashier, “Ring all of this together please.  I’ve got it.”  You would have thought I offered to buy the elderly lady a new car or something.  The cashier looked up at me with a smile and winked.  The elderly lady… well she was ever so grateful.

That simple act seemed to make such a difference in her day.  I think she was even walking taller.  I offered to help her to her car but she said she could manage.

Have you ever noticed how many elderly people shop at the dollar store?

Stop in at your local Dollar Store, pick yourself up some cookies and make a difference in someone’s day.  But you don’t have to wait until the Christmas season.


10 Responses to Is it that time of year or a life style?

  1. That is a lovely idea and such a moving story.

  2. Joy says:

    Wow. I don’t quite know what to say. What a great thing you did. I can honestly tell you that this thought would never have occurred to me. It sure will now though. It’s such a good idea and a very kind thing to do and I shall try it the next time I’m out.

    Glad Porter is okay.

  3. Karen Joy says:

    Thats awesome!I bet you made her day just a little sunnier!Our pastor has spoke on his little adventures blessing people randomly like you did and I always intend to someday.Thanx for the reminder,next time Im out Im going for it!!!!

  4. Lori says:

    I love this story. I bet that woman won’t forget you for a long time, either.

    I just adore the elderly – or really anyone older than me. I feel they are a wealth of information, stories, and beauty and I do everything I can to make them comfortable and feel treasured.

    Thanks for sharing this with us – to me you are a hero amongst us.

  5. Nikki says:

    That was surely someones grandmother and coming from someone who adores her Grandma I want to say thank you! THANK YOU~THANK YOU~THANK YOU!!! There needs to be more giving…all year long. You are a good man! She’ll never forget that. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. Des says:

    Reminds me of the Starbucks pay it forward thing where you pay for the guy behind you; except in reverse.

  7. lawyerchik1 says:

    That was lovely! 🙂 What a great idea!

  8. mad hatter tosha... says:

    Thats great!!

    I think they shop at the dollar store b/c its easier to walk through than walmart is!

    I posted some pics from my hubs game camera on my blog.. u might like to see..

  9. marlajayne says:

    Thanks for the reminder. If we just opened our eyes and really looked around us, we’d see that theres always need, always a person or people we could help. When I say “we,” I’m speaking of myself.

  10. S. Le says:

    This was such a sweet post and it touched my heart. How many times do we lose patience with or ignore the elderly? Well done you!

    (traveled here from mad hatter tosha)

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