That was almost fun!  The judge asked the Mrs. which child she wanted to sit
in her lap as she testified so our daughter went up with her.  Now here is our son 
(5 years old) and me sitting at that big table.  He reaches up and grabs the
mic’ and bends it down to his mouth and began answering the questions with
the Mrs.  I thought the judge was going to bust out laughing!  He was
grinning from ear to ear as he motioned for me to let our son be, that it was
okay.  It was hilarious!

Then when our son and I went up to testify, OMG!  The boy has somehow gotten
my DNA ’cause he hasn’t a shy bone in his body.  He answered a few questions
with me.   “Yes sir.”  Then when the judge asked him who his mommy was he
smiled real big and pointed to the Mrs. and then when asked who his daddy was
he smiled real big , turned in my lap and pointed at me.  Finally the judge
thanked him for “testifying” and our son leans into the mic’ and says, “You’re
welcome.”   What a hoot!

We didn’t get into the court room until about eleven and the judge actually
thanked us for bringing some happiness into his courtroom.

Some may think that after over forty-two months of working through this process that this is a “happy ending”  but in all actuality it is truly a happy beginning!”


10 Responses to ADOPTION FINALIZED!!!

  1. Joy says:

    This is absolutely wonderful and I’m so happy for all involved. What a beautiful family. I just love that pic of you all. No more jumping through hoops.

  2. James Prevatt says:

    Congratulations! Glad to hear that the adoption process ended so well for you. May God continue to bless you greatly as you raise those two precious lives!

  3. servant says:

    I have had the priviledge of watching this all unfold fom day one (Actually long before day one). All I can say is that after watching and listening to our DSS system, that I am sure the judge was accurate when he said it was good to have some happiness in his court room. They see alot of tragedy.

    The good news is that some tragic stories can have happy endings (or beginnings). We wish you all well! I know this wasn’t an easy journey but you pressed through and are a bonifide OVERCOMER!

    I believe that Lindsey and Porter have a great destiny ahead of them and you and Bonnie are a part of that!

    It’s an honor to call you friend.

  4. lawyerchik1 says:

    Congratulations! What a marvelous way to start the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays!! 🙂

  5. yeah right says:

    You’re a heartless asshole and I hope you rot in hell. Also, you do not deserve to be an adopter. I won’t dignify you with the label “parent.”

    If you pay as much attention to that child as you did to the above blog post on which you trolled, the child will be criminally neglected.

    Go to hell.

  6. DM says:

    this is a beautiful picture and story…as others have also said…Contrats!

  7. Des says:


  8. Tosha says:

    Congratulations.. Great pic!

  9. marlajayne says:

    Love this. What a joyous way to begin this wonderful holiday season.

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