Pan Am Flight 103 Was Bombed over Lockerbie, Scotland                                                       

You may have noticed (news reports) that Scotland (aka Great Brittan) released the Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi.

There are so many excuses given for sending this TERRORIST home to a hero’s welcome.  The first excuse was that the TERRORIST was released under Scottish law for humanitarian reasons.  The TERRORIST is allegedly dieing from prostate cancer and supposedly has from three weeks to three months left to live out his life… at home with his loved ones.

Now the latest excuse for letting the TERRORIST free is that Gordon Brown did not want the TERRORIST to die on British soil.

Well Mr. Brown let me remind you that it was on British soil that 270 innocent people died at the hands of the TERRORIST!  These 270 people actually did die on British soil.  The TERRORIST, had he been justly kept imprisoned in Scotlandwould have actually died on British concrete.  Postmortum sanitation is quite easily performed on concrete.  I have (personally) performed this service on carpet, sheet rock, VCT, mattresses and done so quite successfully.  Although I have never performed post   sanitation services on concrete I can only imagine that it w0uld be quite a bit easier than the soft surfaces mentioned above.

News reports now give us the time line of the negotiations the government of Libya and British Petroleumwere having regarding leases on new lands for the extraction of oil and natural gas.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what has happened here.  How despicable of BP and the British government to free a TERRORIST for futures in oil/gas!

Here is a link to the (current) story.  See for yourself.–to-die-in-britain-1780266.html

Honestly I am almost (physically) sickened by this.  I have four BP gas cards and charge hundreds of dollars of gas a month.  When gas was over four dollars a gallon it was nothing out of the ordinary for my gas bill to be over one thousand dollars a month!

How many rounds of ammunition for AK47s did I (unknowingly) buy?  How many IEDs did I pay for?

I don’t know about you readers but I am not only going to cut up everyone of my BP cards but I am going to write a nice letter and place the destroyed cards in an envelope and mail them to British Petroleum headquarters.  In fact if you care to express you disdain or pleasure…

BP American Headquarters

501 WestLake Park Blvd.
Houston, TX 77079-2604

Tel. +1-281-366-2000

Or you can email them here:  BPConsumer@bp.c0m





  1. amber says:

    Michael, Michael, Michael….. if it were only that simple…..

    I wish Americans could really get an understanding of truly how the world works. You get these little snippet headlines and you become outraged. This is such a small thing. Truly.

    Your Christianity here should call for mercy in the case of this dying man. He should have mercy to die. God will judge him when it is his time. He has been very punished. And his true punishment has yet to be had. Remember this.

    As for trading terrorists for oil… its a very very limited life game my friend. They better do it while they can. The clock is ticking. Oil is becoming power of the past and they all know it. They will lose their poker chip soon enough.

    And you cutting up your BP card? The only person it will hurt is you. Because guess what? They own shares in most of the utility companies that run your house too. Check into all of the subsidiaries they own. Its a fact.

    Just my little passing opinion… mwah 🙂

    Have a great day…..

    • mssc54 says:

      Deer Amber:

      That their is thu nicist wey I evur heard eniy body called ig-nor-ant.

      Yes my Christianity does call for mercy. Not only for a dying man but for each and everyone. Regardless of our life style or choices we, each, are in dire need of mercy. My Christianity even teaches of justice. Even of punishment in this life. Render unto Ceasar doesn’t mean you pay your taxes and you get off on everthing else. Heck I think the death penalty is even in there somewhere (in fact, I’m sure it is but I’m not taking the time to look it up.)

      The TERRORIST was sentenced by a judge to spend life in prison, not stay in prison until you get really sick and if Libya can make a deal with Great Brittan you can go home and live your final days with your loved ones and worshipers.

      In this case justice was trumped by politics and greed. Periood.

      Yes, of course, his true punishment will come in front of the Bema seat. But that is where his SOUL will be judged. His behavior is judged and the consequences are dealt with before hand.

      Simply because Libya will (in the future) be hurting because of their reliance on oil does not mean that their greed, arogance and support of this TERRORIST is okay.

      As for me only hurting myself by cutting up my BP card; well that’s one of the big problems with many people in our society today. These (many people) will be damned if they will do anytjhing that will even slightly inconvenience them. In fact to take a stand on principle or on moral grounds is unheard of for these. Now the thought of these many people actually having to go the extra mile or (god forbid) they even have to reach a bit deeper in their pocket$ then… let someone else do THAT.

      Of course these mega conglomerants have their fingers in many varied “pots”. However, I for one don’t want to be one of those many people who only want the easier, softer way. If I have to drive the extra mile; if I have to pay a bit more for my gas, then so be it.

      I’ve got better, more important things (to me) than to research British Petroliums subsidiaries. They may inadvertantly get my pennies or nickles but I won’t deliberately hand them my dollars! 🙂

      • amber says:

        I wasn’t calling you ignorant.

        But let me point out a few things here to you that you might not be aware of.

        The United Kingdom (Which include England and Scotland) are still really governed in part by the church of England doctrine and philosophy. They believe in Christian way of life. There is still prayer in the church, there is no death penalty, and there is a socialized society because of this. The choices that they make here are based on these beliefs. And I am being very serious here. Even on their mail is stamped Christian religious sayings. They are far more liberal than here in the United States. Understand that…. The jails there are not run in the same ways ours are, prisoners serve less time, and are treated far better. Like it or not, that is THEIR WAY. Their belief system believes in mercy no matter what. No death. They often let inmates out who have terminal illness. It is not uncommon here in the US either btw…

        Secondly, the picture is far bigger than the one that is being painted for you in this article. This is portrayed in a way that is set to enrage you. But I could shine a light on just about any major corporation in the world that would make you boycott them for just as horrible things. Remember, the newspapers want to sell stories.

        What you want to do before you decide truly… is go on the net… read the background. Make sure you are getting many sources. I bet you will find that all of the oil companies are doing the same thing. I bet this is common practice and that it is government backed. These guys don’t blow their noses without the government’s approval.

        I gotta go

        mssc54 replied:

        Amber: I do understand the British system is different. Can you tell me of another occassion when such a well known, tried and convicted TERRORIST was set free for any reason? Much less a reason that can be tied to corporate greed, State greed, politics AND a convicted, high profile TERRORIST.

        And no, in fact I do not want to go on the internet and research the background. I have a limited amount of time and I just used it with you. 🙂 haha

        I’m glad you survived the birthday bash and it’s good to see you around again.

  2. Make sure you call and cancel the card first and THEN send the little pieces to them in the mail. You wouldn’t want someone to get a hold of a working card!

  3. Joy says:

    The thing about this that makes me sicker than anything is the hero’s welcome he got when he got home. I wonder what kind of compassion he showed to all those people he killed. Terrorists should either be put on a island somewhere and left, or put to death. They are all lose cannons and our lives have all changed very dramatically because of them. How many of our young men and women are off in foreign lands so we can have our freedom from these terrorists? No, there is no mercy in me for these kinds of people.

  4. amber says:

    well.. another thing was that the conviction of these men was tenuous at best…. The evidence was not clear nor was it solid for conviction.

    And yes, I can. The IRA bombers… were set free on a peace deal. Many many of them. Several of them were sick and set free before there time. Apparently in the US there are 550 prisoners who have been released this way who have committed murder. (Thank you Google)

    Look, my husband worked for a major US tried and true corporation. One that you have heard of. One of his territories was the middle east. Deals were made despite the UN sanctions against both Iran and Iraq for equipment… in exchange for oil with the then “bad governments, insurgents and whoever else…. Its the name of the game Im afraid. They see it as, you deal with the devil to do the most good in the end. That is how they justify it.

    The world economy runs on oil. Period. Without it, our world would literally collapse. All of our economies would run into absolute chaos. The oil companies aren’t at fault…. we all are. We aren’t demanding alternatives. We are still buying huge SUV’s in the US. We still aren’t recycling. And then we are bitching about it.

    I don’t like seeing this guy returning to people calling him a hero for murdering people. That is barbaric thinking. But I recently watched a documentary shot here in the US about the new movement of the SkinHeads/White Supremacists that was equally just as horrifying to watch. We have just as backwater people in our own country. These people have no mercy for anyone who doesn’t look like them or think like them…. and they are willing to kill all those who don’t.

    Ok, Thats it.. I have had my say.

  5. Des says:

    I think it’s ironic that he was released for humanitarian reasons. Are they saying that it’s more human to release a terrorist than it is to blow up an airplane and kill innocent people?

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