My pastor wrote the following piece and I have posted it here with his permission.

The Perfect Storm

Posted in August 24th, 2009 by Kevin in On my mind

I just finished reading an article by a prophet, John Paul Jackson, entitled, The Coming Perfect Storm. For those of you unfamiliar with the movie that had a similar title, it was about a fishing boat that was caught in the north Atlantic when 2 storms collided and became what meteorologists called, “The Perfect Storm”. This prophetic vision that he sees concerning the future of America has elements of that movie. The article resonated in my spirit and I thought it appropriate to synopsize it for you and of course, give credit to the one who received the insight.

America is approaching a storm that will merge 5 different elements of culture that will be so intertwined that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish which events are driving the manifestation of the storm. These 5 elements are: religion, politics, economics, war, and geophysical events. Some ripples will be worse than others and different areas of the country will experience different severity’s. Some of the elements could be more accentuated than others, but everyone will be touched at varying degrees. The rapidity of this storm will also make it problematic.

The reason this storm is approaching is due mostly to the fact that the church is no longer the backbone of this nation. From the beginning of this nation, the Christian faith has been the plumb line of most decisions that were made at all levels of life. Our Christian heritage is what has made this nation different than every other nation. Christianity was a part of the USA, DNA. However, we have turned from that foundation. The lines of right and wrong, as well as the holy and the profane are blurring rapidly. The way to God, even in the church, through Jesus Christ alone and by His Cross is no longer seen as an absolute. We are a tepid, superficial church that has lost it’s backbone to stand. Because of that, 5 things are being seen:

1. An attempt on the President’s life by Islamic extremists. The purpose of the attack was to incite a racially motivated upheaval in the USA. There were riots in the street of incredible proportion. The church must pray for the protection of the President and his family to avert the aftermath of such a scenario.

2. Earthquakes are set to strike coastal areas and the mid-west. Thunderstorms will produce huge hail. We will hear of 24 inches of rain in 24 hours and flooding will occur in areas never prone to floods. Tornadoes will come with voracity never before seen. As paradoxical as it may seem, while some experience floods, others will endure droughts. Water will become as expensive as fuel. This nation will experience a food shortage with increased prices.

3. Iran and Russia are preparing to unite and form an alliance. Israel will be forced to bomb Iran. Anti-semitism will begin to soar. A dirty bomb will explode in a coastal city of the United States.

4. God is going to expose rampant immorality in the leadership of larger churches and ministries in this nation. The government will become increasingly hostile towards the tax-exempt status of the church as the economy squeezes resources. Churches will lose tax-exempt status and their properties will begin to be taxed.

5. Commercial buildings are going to become more and more vacant. Notable malls will stand empty and have to be seized by the government to provide housing for the displaced and indigent.

What should we as the Church begin to do under these scenarios:

1. We must return to knowing God and His ways rather than just knowing about God. We have replaced power with programs, revelation with administration, and the Father’s heart with church growth techniques.

2. The Church must learn to contend for the faith again. We are weak, and we fall away so easily when crisis is not at hand. We have not been tested and we have lost our resolve. We understand little of the adversary’s plans. We do not know how to debate our faith without becoming angry, and thus we have few clear, godly voices in the public square. We have lost our witness and we must get it back.

3. The Church must return to the love of God’s Word and the belief that is infallible and inerrant. This would include the conviction that God is absolute, and there is only one way to Him and that is through Jesus Christ. We need a revelation that God’s power is unlimited, His knowledge is unending, and His presence is always with us. We have made the Lord too small and our lives prove it.

4. We need to repent and practice corporate fasting. We need to be grieved for the sins of the Church before we can intercede for the sins of the world. Judgment starts at the House of the Lord. We must put our own house in order before we can put any government house in order.

The truth is, much calamity is a reaping of what we have chosen to follow. Whatever we follow will certainly bear fruit and we can vividly see the fruit that our nation is currently reaping. The good-news is that when crisis hits, and we turn our hearts, then God can move and take action for us (Jeremiah 29:12-13). May our nation understand all that is at stake and may we all again turn our hearts toward the one true and living God. All through Scripture, those who were committed to God’s ways and purposes were shielded by His hand during strenuous and difficult times. Stay focused on the Lord and walk in His ways and He will not overlook your faithfulness.

We are living in the most exciting times the world has ever known! Even so…Come Lord Jesus!




  1. Joy says:

    I sure hope that doesn’t all happen.

  2. lawyerchik1 says:

    Wow. Interesting thoughts. I definitely will keep my eyes open. Thanks.

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