Unemployed and no health insurance.

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Unless you have been living under a rock you should be aware that the US economy is (by most standards) in shambles.

Each month there seems to be more and more joining the ranks of the unemployed .  Then of course there is the mantra about health insurance.  It seems that there are some who want health but for one reason or another are unable to acquire it.  I won’t go into my personal belief about why most people who do not have health insurance do not have it. 

Being the brilliant person that I am, I think I have come up with a solution that will guarantee over sixty-nine thousand people health insurance!!

Recently the Secretary of State, Robert Gates, announced plans to increase the ranks of the US Army by 22k!  Now according to the latest government statistics the size of an average American family is 3.14 people. 

So I suggest that 22k people who are currently unemployed and do not have health insurance go down to your local Army Recruiting office and pledge to defend this nation against all enemies (foreign and domestic).

This single act will insure each family with instant health care but the individual who joins the US Army may be  trained in a new field of work.  Not only those benefits but there are many more benefits that active duty military enjoy.

Don’t forget that the Army is not the only branch of the military that is “hiring.”  Don’t forget the Coast Guard, Air Force, Navy and Marines!

So if you hear of anyone complaining about not being able to find a job or acquire health insurance just guide them over to the nearest US Army Recruiting Office.

Now if some of you can come up with any other suggestions to help those who are (apparrently) unwilling to help themselves maybe we can just turn this thing around!


12 Responses to Unemployed and no health insurance.

  1. My husband is not a fan of me joining the military for health benefits. He did say, however, that it might be ok if I got to shoot an AK-47. When I told him that AK-47’s were available at the nearest Gander Mountain for a mere $200 he declined to buy me one. But he did let me hold the one on display.


    mssc54 replied:

    Hayden: Well if you did join the military he could run his computer business from any where in the world!

    Now regarding shooting an AK-47; usually when you are on active duty and have the oppertunity to shoot an AK-47 it is because you have very recently dispatched it’s previous owner for his rendezvous with the 70 virgins.

  2. Joy says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were all that easy?

    mssc54 replied:

    Joy: For some people it is just exactly that easy. Not everyone but for some. But why should people earn what they want when someone else tells them to just wait and it will be given to them?

  3. Sue says:

    I think it’s a great idea! I am so tired of the government telling us working people that we have to give more to those in need when those in need don’t help themselves! Joining the military is a great idea, paid training, awesome health care, paid housing ( in a lot of instances) paid moving expenses…the list goes on. I really just want people to help themselves!

  4. marlajayne says:

    Unfortunately, I know some people who wouldn’t be accepted into the military because of physical health (or rather, lack thereof). Too, a lack of education stands in the way of some people. I’m not sure about this, but I don’t think the military signs up high school drop outs anymore. A person must possess a diploma or GED or he or she need not apply. Again, I’m not positive about this.

    My only point is that while I like your idea, some of the people who need health care the most are the ones who are in the least likely position to get it.

  5. lawyerchik1 says:

    I’m in favor of making HSAs more readily available without all of the IRS complications. That, to me, would be the smartest thing because it would allow people to put pre-tax money into an account and roll it over from year to year, so that they can go into a doctor’s office, dentist’s office, drug store, etc., and decide on the basis of their own purchasing power whether they will use this or that provider.

    Because honestly, many of the people who don’t currently have the money to get health insurance either qualify for existing state or federal programs, or they have chosen to go “bare” for various reasons.

    For those who are barely scraping by but make too much money to qualify for various state or federal aid programs, there are places that offer Care Credit – I hate to say it, but as someone who has reviewed hundreds of bankruptcy schedules filed by debtors, I can tell you that you would be amazed and appalled at how people spend the money they do have, all while they are asking the courts to relieve them of their obligations.

    It isn’t everyone – I know that – but there are too many people who “can’t live without” spending $200-500/month on cell phones and cable packages and other things, while crying that they can’t afford health insurance or other truly necessary things.

    I’ve seen too many people come crying into court that they “have” to have this or that, even though their income cannot support whatever it is, so it’s up to the bank or the finance company to just let them have those things without their having to pay for them. We’ve gotten so spoiled as a society that we think that everyone is entitled to own a home and 2 cars and a big screen TV – they aren’t. And in fact, owning your own home isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be…..

    I know that doctors and hospitals do not deny emergency or necessary care to anyone solely based on lack of ability to pay – I used to work in hospitals in 2 different states, and people who were truly in need were not turned away. With all of the charitable foundations, drug company programs for free medication, and caring and generous health care professionals, etc., there is no need for anyone to go without necessary care or treatment.

    While we’re on that subject, increasing the tax deductions for charitable contributions would allow greater availability of foundation/charitable funds to provide health care for those who might otherwise fall through the cracks.

    The other thing people need to know about all of this debate is that it isn’t the “bad old insurance companies” that are the problem. No matter how good or capable or advanced medical care/treatment become, people will still become sick and eventually die. National health care can never and will never guarantee freedom from illness or death.

    [Gets down off soapbox and sighs….]

  6. Des says:

    Just send out draft notices to everyone who wants free health care.

  7. tessa says:

    The military is always hiring, but at the same time the military is cutting back funds a lot right now and are actually discharging many people to cut funds. Money is tight, even in the military. The good part to that is, people who are not working hard are getting discharged. The downsize is they are cutting really great workers too. Eric, my sailor, is re-enlisting for 6 years to ensure his job. Those re-enlisting for only 4 years are losing their positions and being demoted or discharged.

  8. tessa says:

    They could also move to Canada! We are doing pretty good compared to the depression times though. The unemployment rate was 25% then, only 8% now.

  9. amber says:

    Ahhh Michael… how I love your wisdom… let me count the ways….lol

  10. mobilerxcard says:

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