First Lady Michelle Obama is ENTITLED!!

A recent news report states that First Lady Michelle Obama is the first First Lady to hire a full time makeup artist.

I wonder how much that set me and you back?  How many mortgage payments would her income make for the average home buyer?  How many homeless people would that house?  How many meals would that money buy?

Ehhhhh, who cares.


8 Responses to First Lady Michelle Obama is ENTITLED!!

  1. Sue says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!! I thought they were so down to Earth and lived like us normal people do. (Although I still don’t think the normal person shops at J Crew and spends $2500 on an ugly green coat!) Ahhh, have they heard that there’s a recession that they’re making us normal people, making normal pay pay for?!!!!

    mssc54 replied:

    Surgical Sue: Kinda makes ya think doesn’t it? Before they were the Elite the Elite were bad. Now the Elite seem to be deserving. But then again, think about it… if a woman needs a full time makeup artist what does that truly say about that woman. Butt ugly? Insecure? Vane? Entitled?

    Heck I can’t even get my Mrs. to wax my back hair. Although that may seem like a full time job at times. 🙂

  2. Whose income? The make-up artist or Michelle’s? And from a traditional capitalistic american point of view, both Michelle and her make-up artist will spend their loads of money, promoting American industry and enabling more working places… and besides, I doubt that the Obamas are the highest paid people in America. The highest paid are probably some corporate executives or maybe celebrities. You know, these people who earn more than the nobel price.

    mssc54 replied:

    Thatdudeyouknow: Although you make what (on the surface) seem to be some good points you seem to have fallen into the socialist trap. Although the Obamas are certainly NOT the HIGHEST PAID people in America they live off the $$$ we (the tax payer/citizens) are REQUIRED (by them) to send in.

    Up until recently, those you mention (corporate executives and celebrities) receive money from private citizens or stock/shareholders whom deem their worth. However, since former President Bush and now President Obama have begun printing $$$ and handing it out like Halloween candy those private/government lines have been blurred.

  3. Joy says:

    Ya, butt ugly!! LMAO!!! This really sickens me. It really does and what does it say to the people who are sitting home out of work and trying to figure out how they are going to put a roof over their head of food on the table for the family?? A make up artist?? You have got to be kidding me. Blech!!!!!

    Obama really fooled a lot of people and those people are now very sorry. I was talking to some people yesterday and the people who fell for all his promise of “change” and “hope” are now having to change for the worst and they have NO hope.

    It really just goes to prove that if something sounds to good to be true, it is.

    mssc54 replied:

    Joy: Change, hope, hope, change, change, hope…. Change if for other people. Politicians DESERVE what they can take… from us. NOT!!!!

  4. I probably should keep to myself on this one, however.

    I hate getting my photograph taken NOW, I couldn’t imagine going from a regular amount of inside family photos to every picture showing up in newspapers and online. If It were me, I would ABSOLUTELY hire a makeup artist.

    One picture of you looking tired and it’s suddenly “Rift at the White House!” “Is Michelle Obama pregnant??”

    Since they are paying for this themselves, it’s none of my business and I don’t care.

    mssc54 replied:

    Hayden: OMG! I hadn’t heard that! When is she due? 🙂

  5. LOL, and I totally KNEW better. You’re so quick. 🙂

    mssc54 replied:

    Hayden: Some times predictability can be an ass…ett. 😉

  6. kweenmama says:

    Even if I had the money to pay for a private make up artist I wouldn’t get one…my money would go towards someone doing the grocery shopping and cooking for me! 🙂

    mssc54 replied:

    Kweenmama: Please don’t confuse the subject with responsible logic. 😉

    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. leafless says:

    The First Lady is one of the many public faces of the United States. Anything that makes her look good so our country will look good is fine to me.

    mssc54 replied:

    Leafless: That’s a very good point. Dang it!

  8. dodie says:

    How much is it costing us?!?!

    A very tiny miniscule little percentage of what we are spending every hour that we are in Iraq.

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