Our First Grader Receives the President’s Award

On Monday of this week our little first grader was awarded the President’s Award for her class.  This award encompasses academics, initiative, citizenship, etc.  Of course we are very pleased, proud and excited of this recognition.  This award is only awarded to four students (in each class) through the entire school.

The Award is presented by one of the Dr.’s from a local University and the principala of her school.  It was a big deal time wich included (not only) the “walk across the stage” but individual pictures and refreshments too.  Our little girl was so proud and happy!

Except for one thing.  “Daddy, I don’t see grandma.  She told me she was going to come.”  So I respond with, “I sorry honey, I guess something came up and she wasn’t able to make it.”  Actually grandma (paternal bio-grandma) had told the seven year old that she was so proud of her and that she was “going to try to come.”

What I wanted to say to our little girl was, “Well honey some day you will learn that people decide what is most important to them and what’s not.  People only have a finite number of hours in each day and they have to determine how they want to spend that time.  You weren’t as important as something else to grandma.  Get used to it.”  But I didn’t, I just put on my happy face and made her experience as joyful as possible.  And it was!  She was smiling from ear to ear (almost literally). 

Once again we are so proud of our little girl’s progress and most recent accomplishments.

On the other hand… not the least bit surprised or pleased that bio-granny did not find the time to attend the hour long ceremony.

But of course if I say anything (to her) that would make me the bad guy.   We have never and will never said anything derogatory about the bio-family.  Not even the former mother and father.

Now on another note: our little guy seems to have “turned a corner” with his behavior.  He hasn’t gotten any “frowny faces” for over two weeks now.  In fact, yesterday he was the teacher’s helper.  He gets to lead the line to the day’s various activities.  The class has a new student and when they lined up to go to one of the activities he put the new student behind him in line.  “I want to help him make friends.”   Awwwww

We will continue to “run the race.”  😉


6 Responses to Our First Grader Receives the President’s Award

  1. Joy says:

    Your best not to say anything bad about the bio-family. It will only bite you in the butt in the end. You will end up looking like the better person when they grow up. I’m so proud for you too. What a great honor. Way to go on the little guy too and no “frowny” faces.

  2. Ok, first, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    Second, “But of course if I say anything (to her) that would make me the bad guy. We have never and will never said anything derogatory about the bio-family. Not even the former mother and father.”

    This is SO IMPORTANT. You really have to let children come to their own truth on this one. Of course you knew that, but I just wanted to say “Well done!” on doing so. 🙂

  3. Sue says:

    Congratulations to your daughter and son! That is just great for both of them. As much as we’d like to scream truths from the top of buildings, we all know it’s better to keep the trap shut. Good job! They’ll figure it out soon enough 😦

  4. supermom says:

    WOW that is SO awesome!!! Congratulations to her!!!!
    What a pity her grandma didn’t think that was such a big deal

    mssc54 replied:

    Supermom: Sometimes we can learn alot about resiliance from children. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. marlajayne says:

    But YOU were there, and so was her mother, and you just have to believe that your daughter feels your love to her very core.

    mssc54 replied:

    Marlajayne: I know she does. Thanks!

  6. TRO says:


    mssc54 replied:

    TRO: Thank you, thank you very much! (said in my best Elvis voice) 😉

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