Stimulous? Bail out?

Much has been written about the current state of the US  economy.

There have been so many people making suggestions as to what to do to help out this or that industry or how to save certain businesses.  What will or should the government do to help the auto industry?  Housing?   Health Care? 

One of the most recent sections of the economy to fall on hard times is the Liberal Press news paper industry.   Of course, through no fault of their own.  Due to circulation(s) being  down and many of the big named papers  no longer being able to support their agenda staff and employees there has been talk of bailing out the Liberal Press news paper industry.

Well, the Current Administration has been printing so much money lately that I am sure it is impossible for the normal sources at the US Mint(s) to keep up.  I mean even if they could I’m certain that those printing presses are on the verge of being absolutely worn out

Well, I for one think a more proactive, positive plan is in order.  Here’s what I think should be done.

I think the Current Administration should (officially)  take over the Liberal Press news paper industry.  They already have professionally trained people who know how to run huge printing presses.  Those huge printing presses can make more money in a single day than the US Mintcan print in a week or two.  This would not only provided the much needed paper money the Current Administration needs to hand out to their friends but it would also help save thousands of jobs.  Jobs saved equals families saved.  Families saved equals societal stabilization.  Social stabilization equals peace and harmony.  Problem solved.

So I say to the Current Administration, (officially) buy out the Liberal Press news paper industry, hire their employees to print the money you’re giving out and save the economy!

Now if anyone else can come up with another idea or two we will be well on our way to a growth economy.

One problem solved.



3 Responses to Stimulous? Bail out?

  1. humanitasremedium says:

    Brilliant! this was so refreshing to read.

  2. Joy says:

    When are you running for office? I’ll be your manager.

  3. lawyerchik1 says:

    I was glad you added the word “officially” in the suggestion that the Current Administration take over the newspaper industry, cuz I was under the impression that they already controlled it! 😉

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