The Story Book – The Bible

Old Holy Bible by baher_nike.

Have you ever heard anyone say that the Bible is just a story book?  Well try searching “Bible archeology” and see how many of the Bible stories have hard evidence to back them up.  Or click on t he link below and surf around!


4 Responses to The Story Book – The Bible

  1. Amber says:

    It is true, there are many facts that back up the bible. However, the stories of the bible are interpretations. Kinda like tell one person something, then tell another person the same thing down the line and what you get isn’t entirely the whole truth. The truth is there somewhere….

    Then you have the editing of the church… which is also a solid fact. They took out any entry that would give doubt to Jesus being disputed as the one and only Christ or son of God showing divinity. Remember Christianity was a conquering religion so this was an important thing to do to bring on believers.

    At the end of the day, like everything else, truth lies within a persons heart. Faith has nothing to do with what is written, but what is believed……………..

    mssc54 replied:

    Amber: I’m glad that the God I serve is all powerful and even though man is involved He can still orchestrate the final outcome.

  2. servant says:

    That initially sounds good, but it tends to overlook some other important facts surrounding the Scripture. For instance:

    1. The oral tradition which you easily dismiss is not as suspect with the Bible as perhaps you have been led to believe. Example: We would all agree that there are aspects of the Old Testament that flowed through oral tradition, yet when the Dead Sea Scrolls were uncovered in 1948, it proved almost conclusively the amazing precision of transmission through the years. People were not just transmitting cute stories…these were the foundations of their religion and corporate life.

    2. Personally, I believe in the inspiration of the Scriptures as a Divine happenning. I don’t think it to be that far fetched if one believes in an active and engaged God in the universe to believe that He could also overshadow the transmission of His Word.

    3. I understand the process of the “church” to determine which writings would be Scripture. Again, this was not a haphazard process of simply picking out things that validated an already preconceived idea. Remember, communication in those days was unlike today and so when they gathered together to see which letters and writings held authority in their congregations and fellowships, there was amazing (really astronomical overlap) consistency and confirmation of what would be defined as Scripture. Much of the New Testament was validated (especially the gospels) before the eyewitnesses had passed off the scene.

    4. For me, truth is more than just a “matter of the heart”. Without putting words in your mouth it seems as if you are saying that one can just “create” whatever system of belief they want. While that is possible, not everyone’s system of belief can ultimately be true. Someone will be wrong and someone will be right. Everyone has something they define as authority in their life which they base their beliefs on. Some people’s authority is their own opinion and perspective (I always thought that to be rather arrogant). Other people’s authority is based on the revelation we have of Jesus Christ as He is revealed in the Scripture. When it comes to eternal things, I have decided to rest in the authority of the Scripture. It has stood the test of time.

    mssc54 replied:

    Servant: Well stated. Thank you.

  3. goldenamber says:

    Servant –

    I can go through scripture with you and my personal beliefs and interpretation of the “word”. For example the word Alma – does not mean Virgin – only young woman. So Mary was only a young woman and doesn’t mean she was a virgin at all. But it has been translated that she was…But stated as fact. Its not a fact. Period. Its not. She was a young woman. That is a fact. But it really doesn’t matter to the story if she was a virgin or not. If you believe that Jesus was sent down to teach us the word of God.

    I can go on and on with the inconsistencies of the bible. I believe that it has solid truths therein. But I also believe that it was messed with by man therefore is imperfect.

    My point is…. that the truth doesn’t have to be esoteric… it really doesn’t. I believe the church has done us a disservice by trying to make it so. Jesus’s words and deeds of love and compassion and teachings by example should be enough to show us the way.

    This is my own opinion. I have read and studied many different philosophies. Poor Mssc54 puts up with me and my heretic ways.

    Hopefully I haven’t been too offensive. I have a very close and personal relationship with God, and after all of my years of study, it has only strengthened my faith which at one point was really low.

    Mssc54 – I have subscribed to comments for this thread so Ill get them via my email… 🙂

    mssc54 replied:

    GA: Thank you for your well thought out points. Although you are correct in the interpretation of the word “Alma” it does not not mean that all young women were or were not virgins.

    When I read Holy Scripture I not only look at the “part” but the “whole” as well. The prophesies of a virgin birth. The prophicies of loud mourning (when all the male babies were killed). Prophecy after prophecy fulfilled.

    You see, GA, the problem with picking and choosing which parts of the Bible are true and which are not is that… who decides? It’s kinda like being “a little bit pregnant.” You’re eithe pregnant or not.

    Through my (tangible) experiences it is abundantly clear to me that the Holy Bible is, the inspired Word of God. 😉

  4. mcoville says:

    goldenamber, what is the name of the God you have a close and personal relationship with? and, what philosophies have you studied that you most closely connect with? I am interested to understand your point of view a little better.

    Mssc54, have you ever checked out the Archaeological Study Bible? Very good addition to any study material.

    mss54 replied:

    Mcoville: First of all welcome to my blog and thanks for the reference material.

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