Recently at our weekly men’s bible study we were discussing “courage”.

We looked at the story of Joshua.  You remember, when Moses was leading the Israelites through the desert for forty years he (Moses) sent (spies) into the Promised Land to bring back reports.

Ten of the spies came back with reports of GIANTS and had all the reasons why they could not succeed in their final destiny.  However, Joshua and Caleb had all the reasons why they could and should take their final destiny.

But alas, Moses (instead of leading the Israelites as God had commanded him) decided to go with the committee (basically, the elders) and made the decision to keep walking around the desert.

Now we look at the story of Joshua.  Moses is dead and Joshua is the new leader.  The Lord actually commands Joshua to be brave and courageous.  Brave and courageous?

Although the Lord gave Joshua some pretty unconventional directives with which to conquer the enemy he (Joshua) was resolutely obedient to the Lord’s commands.

Through  Joshua’s resolute faith, obediance, bravery and courage the Israelites were able to conquer their enemy and enter the Promised Land.

Tomorrow will be February 19th, 2009 and we will be marking the two year anniversary of my son-in-law being killed in action in Afghanistan.  If you haven’t read about it you can see it here.

Buddy was also resolutely faithful to his duty, obedient to follow his orders, was certainly brave and unquestionably courageous.  He did those things for those who could not do it for themselves.  He did it so people like you and me could enjoy our way of life.   Though on a much smaller scale Buddy was like a Joshua that day on  the battle field.  He changed destiny for at least two wounded men on the battle field.  I don’t think that was a “smaller scale” to those men or their families.  Nor was it a small scale for Buddy’s family.

I’m not saying that Sgt. Buddy James Hughie was another “Joshua” but I am asking…  How many of us are faithful, obedient, brave or courageous? 

I mean, how often to we have the oppertunity to speak Truth to someone who needs to hear it but, because we would be uncomfortable or embarrassed, we choose to ignore the situation?  Shame on us for being such cowards!

We believe that Buddy was an example of Jesus that day.  He sacrificed his life in order that others may live.  On that day along the borders of Afghanistan/Pakistan Sgt. Buddy James Hughie was the proverbial seed who fell to the ground and died so that others would live.

Naturally, it has been very difficult for us.  However, we carry with us the memory of a man who, although he saw the “giants” decided to be faithful, obedient, brave and courageous while others chose another path.

God bless, keep and comfort those families who have or will receive that same knock at their frond door.


3 Responses to Courage

  1. You’ll be in my thoughts tomorrow. :hug:

  2. Philippa says:

    Love the picture!

    I hope tomorrow brings an extra measure of God’s grace and love.

  3. Joy says:

    That picture has got to be one of the cutest ones I’ve ever seen.

    I’m thinking of you and wishing you a sunny day even though I’m sure that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

    mssc54 replied:

    Joy: Thank you.

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