Wednesday, February the 11th


 Compass Industries 3 Inch Round Readers Magnifying Glasses CPS-2497-3

Well, Wednesday, February 11th 2008 has been designated (by me) as the official “JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS DAY!”

Sometime between 8a.m. and 5p.m. one of the State Fire Marshalls will visit our humble abode.  Heck even the cable company narrows it down to a four hour window.  But a-lass the cable company is a private company and not a government agency. 

I think I’m supposed to buy new smoke detectors.  The high dollar ones we bought a while back doesn’t have the manfactured date on them.  I think we are supposed to be able to prove that the smoke detectors are less than five years old.  Maybe I should just burn some bread in the toaster oven to show her the dang thing works! haha

Then some time between 8a.m. and noon the Department of Health and Environmental Control will be coming by to make sure that it was not just some fluke that our “new kids” miraculously survived over the last thirty-three months we’ve had them.  We will need to demonstrate that our home is (in fact) a safe home.


One of the questions on the questionair we had to fill out was something like:

– What is the most difficult problem you have had to deal with during the adoption process?

Answer:  DSS

Another question was something like;

– What has been the easiest thing to deal with during the adoption process?

Answer:  The children!

Keep focused.  We’re almost there…


3 Responses to Wednesday, February the 11th

  1. You know what would be great? If they put BIOLOGICAL parents through the same rigorous examination. Seriously, you can be as incompetent as you want as long as you don’t seriously injure your child.



    mssc54 replied:

    Hayden; Please, please, please DO NOT mess things up with logical suggestions! 🙂

    Seriously, I wish I had at least one answer. Wait! Accountability would be a good start.

    DEHEC just left and of course we passed with the proverbial flying colors. Now remember, we’ve had our “new kids” for 33 months now. The DEHEC lady showed me her form and highlited in yellow was “PLEASE EXPEDITE“. I would hate to see what the “unexpedited” time frame is. Also under the “Age of children” section it was marked, “UNKNOWN”.

    I gotta go… I feel a rant comming on. lol

  2. Joy says:

    I’m with Hayden on that point. It’s crazy! I got new smoke alarms last year and I got the kind that no matter where the smoke is, they all go off. I sleep upstairs and Paul is deaf to that alarm sound. It could go off in the living room and we could be sitting there and he can’t hear it. I feel a little safer. Next time I’d get the ones you can program with your voice and I’d put in “hey, get up dum-dum, there’s food in the fridge!” That would wake him up!! I’m just kidding!!!

    mssc54 replied:

    Joy: When you write about Paul being deaf, could you make it BOLD CAPS! I can barely “hear” what you’re saying.

    So, after I spent a million dollars (basically) baby-proofing the house the DEHEC lady says, “You know, you could always put your cleaning supplies on the top shelf of your laundry room.” WELL THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME KNOW!!!

    Deep breath…

    Where’s my pain meds?…

    Good luck M.

  3. Sue says:

    You are funny Mssc54! Your smart remarks remind me of my grandpa who thinks he is just funny and my grandma always said “don’t laugh at him it only encourages him!” Keep up the good work because you guys are a great family.

    mssc54 replied:

    Surgery Sue: Depending on a person’s point of view my remarks can be called a gift or a curse. Being a “glass is half full” kinda guy I prefer to see myself as gifted. I mena, really, it’s not something I had to work for. It was given to me. So therefore… it’s a gift. Yeh, definately a gift.

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