Another Victim





Am I the only one who has grown more than a bit dissastified with all the people who get themselves into trouble then cry “victim”?

Like this lady: \”I\’m a Victim\”

According to news reports this woman began drinking before she and her husband and friends left for a football game.  She kept drinking at the game and became so intoxicated that she (mistakenly) went into the men’s restroom to relieve herself.  The rest, as they say, is history.

That must be some kind of husband to allow his drunken wife to head off to the restroom by herself.  I mean is that football team that important to him?

Now she claims to be the victim.  Who made her drink?  Why did she keep drinking when she began feeling a bit “buzzed”? 

I am sick and tired of people who end up embarrassing themself trying to blame it on someone else.

So what if she has children.  She should have thought about them before she got drunk!

Her “spiritual pedigree” is that she goes to church on Sundays?  Give me a friggn break!  Oh, I know, the next thing she will claim is, “It’s okay to drink massive amounts of wine because Jesus turned water into wine.”  Sure, she was just trying to be Christ-like.  NOT!!!!

And another thing; I am also a bit tired of all these kids who get shot to death at four oclock  in the morning and their family coming on to the TV and saying how wonderful they were, that they loved thier baby, school, apple pie, yadda, yadda, yadda.

In my (correct) opinion, all of these people should have done a better job of acting responsible.  They should have made better decisions.  They should have protected their integrity if it was important to them.

I’m just a bit sick and tired of people who do not own up to their own bad behavior.

One of the things that really ticks me off about this kind of thing….

How much hell do you think this woman’s children will catch when they go back to school? 

But remember, mom loves her kids!  She just loves her wine more!!!!



21 Responses to Another Victim

  1. WOW. She must have mortified when she sobered up.I wonder if she’ll still be married in six months.

  2. mssc54 says:

    Hayden: I’m sure it all depends on how all the law suites go. Sue the guy. Sue the football team. Sue the stadium. Sue the wine maker. Sue the contractor who installed the toilet stalls.


  3. donstuff says:

    Good job. It looks like you wore her site out with visits.

  4. mssc54 says:

    Don; lol I don’t think I have that much traffic.

  5. Joy says:

    It really figures that this happened here. AND we were playing DM’s team. I heard about this but didn’t hear this woman’s age. I thought she was a student. Not that it makes any difference. It sickens me. I, like you get so sick of people “excuses.” There is no excuse for this kind of behavior.

    Great post.

  6. DM says:

    Humm…several off colored jokes just flittered through my brain…. It’s all your fault Michael…you told me I needed to visit your blog more often, and now look what you’ve done, plus this story had to have an Iowa slant to it….makes us look like a bunch of pigs (sorry Winston) 🙂 Do I have grounds for any type of lawsuit? I almost burnt myself with hot coffee reading this. Let me know…I could use a little extra money for Christmas…maybe if you give me your chainsaw we’ll just call it even..what do you think? 🙂 Go Hawks!

  7. kwoneshe2 says:

    Oh my me. What a load of crapola.

  8. Gisele says:

    I’ll bet she won’t be a very proud mom when her children, as teenagers see the photo!

    mssc54 replied:
    Gisele, the picture at the top is a different drunken, poor excuse for a lady. 🙂

  9. K. Trainor says:

    You are so right on target with this post. Do these people have no self respect whatsoever? “Hi, I did something foolish, and I’d like the whole world to know I’m too stupid to take responsibility for it.” Ugh. Most of the time you can follow the accompanying lawsuits right up the food chain, too. She won’t sue the broke people who abused her, she’ll sue the wealthy stadium owners. Wait and see.

  10. K. Trainor says:

    Well that’s what I get for skimming the article. After reading it through, it doesn’t sound to me like she was ‘abused’ at all. I still predict a lawsuit on the statium.

  11. supermom says:

    Yeah well. Good luck with that. I have never met anyone in good old real life, who didn’t know what they were doing when they were drunk. I honestly don’t believe in that.
    In our country there would be no grounds for a law suit

  12. fevah says:

    Ok another victim maybe true in this case, funny I thought this was some kind of christian post now I realize It’s full of judgmental self righteous bloggers who think they know the answers to it all but after reading this I now realize you don’t even Know the question.
    The picture of the drunk girl passed out on the ground is terrible , does she know you are using her picture or dosen’t that matter as it was her fault for passing out.
    True the lady in the bathroom obviously behaved I a mischievous way, and then had to think up something to cover her ass with her hubby. But the blog makes it sound like if something bad happens to you it must be your fault. Which of course maybe true some of the time but not all of the time . Any way with all your talk of Jesus you would think you would know better than try and judge unless you also would like to be judged. Well are you perfect, can you cast the first stone.

    mssc54 replied:

    Judging behavior is actually a requirement of ALL people… especially Christians. When you read your bible you will see in more than one place where people in the local church were up to shenanigans and either Jesus (Himself) or an Apostle called out that wrong behavior.

    On the other hand, souls can not be judged by humans.

    Of course there is “righteous” behavior and “unrighteous” behavior. Most people can tell the difference.

    As far as the drunken female passed out knowing if I use her picture or not… it’s purely speculation on my part but I unless she has modified her behavior (as evidenced in this pic) I doubt she will find her way to my blog.

    Keep in mind that the bible does not say that we can not judge. The bible says that if we judge others we will be judged in the same manner. Since I don’t get drunk and have sex with strangers in public bathrooms….

    But I will admit you are correct in that I am not perfect. However, I don’t intentionally plan actions that will lead me to where I should not go.

    One time I thought I was wrong about all of this but I was mistaken. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by… and judging my post. lol

  13. fevah says:

    Good answer I wonder though if you are reading the same bible.
    When Jesus says “you who are without sin cast the first stone” or something to that affect to you think he was talking about the people in the crowd who were prostitute or were intending to be prostitutes or everyone with a stone in his hand? now Jesus did judge but then he is God, The Apostle judged, are you comparing yourself to them? you admit to not being perfect, lucky no one to a photo of your in perfect moments then and posted them for the world to see.
    “When you read your bible you will see” do you think you are better than me? do you not see how condescending that statement sounds.

    mssc54 replied:

    I suppose that Jesus was speaking to everyone that had a stone. Since Jesus had not yet been crucified perhaps they all needed to go and make a sacrifice.

    I’ll have to ponder that one. Clearly though, we are supposed to judge behavior.

    As for comparing myself to the Apostles… Holy Scripture says that if we are “saved” that we are “joint heirs to the throne.” So, sure, I guess I am (at least) as good as the Apostles… in Jesus’ eyes.

    Finally as for the “condescending” accusation… some people see what they want or expect to see. No condescention was intended.

  14. fevah says:

    Ps English is my second language as I am Tongan, so pardon my grammar please.

  15. fevah says:

    Another good answer mssc54 ( what does that stand for anyway.) love your site by the way and I must say you do have a way with words. I do however stand firm on the photo of the passed out girl, I feel we have all made mistakes and shouldn’t have them published though a medium such as. If we are to teach people we should lead by example, maybe a picture of yourself passed out with I WOULD NEVER AND HAVE NEVER BEEN DRUNK, THIS IS JUST A RECREATION. Would do it.
    Thanks for the visit to my site and the comment.

    mssc54 replied:

    fevah, teaching by example is one way to teach and it can be very beneficial. However, some people will/can only learn when they are presented with the cold hard facts of their destructive behavior. Do you think the “young lady” in that photo had parents who got drund and passed out all the time? Or is it more likely that her parents did their best to lead by example and in spite of their “teaching by example” she still made poor choices?

    It’s called sowing and reaping and yes, we all have sown and reaped things we wished we had not done.

    Perhaps there is even a slight chance that after seeing her picture like this this “young lady” was shocked back to reality and changed her ways. Perhaps if no one had taken this picture this “young lady” would have continued her destructive behavior and caused serious harm or even death to her or some innocent person.

    Maybe, maybe not.

  16. Penelope Peanut says:

    This is one sick article. You should be ashamed for trying to blame rape on the victim rather than the rapist. It makes me wonder how many women you have raped in your lifetime.

  17. Penelope Peanut says:

    Also, I agree with fevah above when they state:

    The picture of the drunk girl passed out on the ground is terrible , does she know you are using her picture or dosen’t that matter as it was her fault for passing out.

  18. Penelope Peanut says:

    Really I sit here and look at this photo and article in amazement.

    I am a christian. I have suffered from being raped. One time I took too many pills after being beaten and beaten so that I could try to forget the beating and then was raped after that. Is that my fault for taking the pills? I think you have evil wicked judgmental thoughts toward a woman who suffered an evil.

    I wish you could think “there before the grace of God go I” but instead you are a pharisee type christian.

    Good luck with trying to get into heaven with that kind of attitude.

    mssc54 replied:

    Penelope Peanut;

    Regarding the picture of this drunk woman. It’s unlikely that this was her first “transgression”. There comess a point when people need to see the results of their inappropriate behavior. How do you know that when this girl saw the picture of her passed out drunk that that was the thing it took for her to ralize she needed to change her ways?

    The woman in this story only claimed to be a victim the day after she was caught having sex in a public place with a strange man.

    BOTH she and the man refused breathalizers.

    LIke many people she waited until she was caught in a compromising position before making the claim of being the victim.

    Perhaps it was the man who was the victim. I mean both people were drunk. Both had impaired judgment. The woman is the one who went into the men’s restroom. The man did not go into the woman’s restroom.

    I have a wife and four daughters.

    YOU make judgmental statements about ME based on this post. You say I have evil wicked judgement and then go on to say that I am a pharasee christian.

    Finally you place yourself in judgement of my soul by basically saying that I will not get into heaven because of this post.

    Wow… now who did you say was the judgemental one?

    I am sorry that you suffered that terrible attck of being raped. You yourself should not judge every man’s actions or intentions based on the actions of the violant perverts who attacked you. I hope they have been brought to justice!

    Best of luck on your continued recovery.

  19. fevah says:

    Thanks mssc54 for pulling the photo, I think that was a good idea. I no the point you are trying to make and believe your words are strong enough to carry the article through. I am a firm believer In your any everyone’s right to say how they feel, but am so glad you listen as well.

  20. fevah says:

    ps I don’t think you should worry about your soul too much, things like this are lessons. I learn something you, learned something, lets hope the peanut has to.
    it is a sick world Peanut, that you guys live in. I see it on the internet. Makes me glad that I live soooooo far away from It. There is zero crime on the Island of ‘Eua where I’m from, truly zero. I feel for you guys I would invite you all over here but for fear it may turn ‘Eua into an Island of chaos too.

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