Daybreak in the Frozen Deep Woods


 This is a rare occurance for me. I am able to take the day to go deer hunting. Although it’s not really the hunt so much as it is the time to just be alone. Too be able to look at the creation all around is just a moment that allows me to consider His blessings upon my life as well as my famly’s. I’m typing on my Blackberry  without my glasses either, so I’ll edit this later.

My alarm didn’t go off at 4am like it was supposed to. However, my bladder woke me at 4:30. I hope the kids let the Mrs. Sleep in. I talked with them last night to let them know that I wouldn’t be there when they wake up. Get your cereal, you can eat in the living room.  Just keep the TV low and try not to wake mommy up.  Lindsay asked if they could fix mommy breakfast and bring it to her in bed. (See what I mean about being blessed?)

It’s almost 90 miles to my friends property where I hunt so I was a little late getting into the stand. It was already shooting light when I started climbing the ladder to my stand. So I’m sitting up in a tree stand, behind me and  to my right are “the deep woods. Mostly hard woods with pine mixed in. In front of me is about a 5 acre field that hasn’t been planted for the last three years, so it’s grown over with tall thick grass. To my left is the swamp. At 8 o’clock a young doe came from the left walking the field edge. Passed right in front of me (literally 10ft). It’s 10:30 a.m. now and a little button buck just did the same. I plan on sitting till around noon-thirty to see if that monster buck works his scrape line. That will give me more time to communicate with the great I Am! It’s a wonderful day in the deep woods! ******************************************************************************************************** Okay I’m back.  The more time I had to contemplate my life and the role I play as the husband, father, grandfather, the more I felt like I wanted to come home instead of staying for the evening hunt.  So, I climbed down about 12:45 and was home before 3:00 o’clock. The temperature at sunrise was around 20 degrees and the field had a heavy layer of frost on it.  I was well prepared with my long johns, Realtree thermal jumpsuit, thermal wool socks, heat pads in my insulated boots, Realtree knit cap and this velcro nose/mouth/ear cover thingy… of course I had the (what else) Realtree gloves.  I really was quite comfortable. Not long after sunrise there came a mature male Redtail Hawk circling the field.  He would swoop down low then zip back up.  He looked like he was zeroing in on his prey but never “pounced.”  It was so amazing to watch this raptor so gracefully glide along, rarely flapping his wings.  At one point he made a turn about 20 feet in front of me showing me his under-belly and massive wing span.  What a beautiful sight. Throughout the morning I saw many different colored… finches, I think.  Some yellow, some blue grey landing right next to me in the tree.  Haha, I suppose my camo works pretty good!

It was so cool to watch those two deer walk practically underneath my stand.  That little button buck was lucky he was in the right position for me to see those two little nubs of horns just breaking the skin on his head.  Initially I thought he was a big doe and was getting ready to “harvest” some venison.  We only shoot 8 points or better on their property, unless it’s doe day… like today. So I decided to have some fun with the young buck.  As he stepped onto the fire trail leaving the field I picked up my grunt call (which is used to mimick the sound of a mature buck).  Grunt-gruuunt!  He stopped, head up, ears alert.  Grunt-grunt.  He stiffened, cocked his head around to my direction a bit.  He waits…. begins to walk off.  Gruuuunt-grunt.  Every muscle in his young body is now at attention, alert as he can be.  Making little turns with his head, lowering his neck to look low in my direction… intensely looking to see where the “buck” is.  He looked for about 3 minutes before he began to walk off again.  Grunt-grunt-grunt.  No response this time, he just walks on up the trail.  I think he was probably going to the pond or into the bedding area. It was a fun hunt.

So when I get home Porter greets me at the door. “Daddy! I missed you so much.”  The kid is something else now.  I went upstairs to greet the girls.  Lindsay is trying on some new winter clothes.  You know how little girls are.  She’s all giggly, excited about her new clothes. I asked the Mrs.M “Did the kids let you sleep in?”  Kinda, she replied.  Kinda?  I asked.  Well… until Lindsay started playing the piano. lol!  I guess next time in addition to telling them to keep the TV low I should include “no piano or other instruments of noise until mommy gets up.” haha

Gotta go for now because as some of you already know it’s “marshmallow season” and Porter wants to roast marshmallows in the fire place.


9 Responses to Daybreak in the Frozen Deep Woods

  1. Joy says:

    Good luck to you today M. I know what you mean about it being more that just “the hunt” for you. It is wonderful to be in the great outdoors!! My eyes are peeled today and if ONE person tries hunting on my land today, the sheriff will get a call. I’m tired of policing it.

    PS…I did take the tag of my new hat!! LOL!!!

  2. Amber says:

    This was a beautiful thing for me to read this morning! Thank you. The kids sound absolutely adorable!

  3. “Just keep the TV low and try not to wake mommy up. ”


    After reading this post, I’ve decided I need some longjohns…in all black. (Unless they have sparky ones, I would totally wear those!) It’s the Florida girl inside me, I can barely make myself turn on the heat. Who pays for heat??

    I know I don’t live there anymore, but I guess I am programmed…pay for AC, don’t pay for heat. :sigh:

  4. kwoneshe2 says:

    Awww, brought a smile to my face. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I used to deer hunt, and it brought back memories. As you said, for me it was more about being out in nature, though I do love venison!

  5. Laura (LS) says:

    What a beautiful picture. Glad you ‘bagged’ a couple, even if you didn’t fire a shot.

    I’m one of those who will eat venison, but could never shoot a deer with anything more deadly than a camera, so I am thankful for folks like you, and my neighbors, who go out and hunt, but also who respect the land enough to only take what is necessary, and, in my neighbor’s case, when they have extras, they share. Yum!!

    Good luck this season.

  6. Laura (LS) says:

    Oh, yeah… and WOW!! Am I jealous! LOOK AT ALL THAT SNOW!!!! So far, here in Eastern Iowa, we’ve only gotten a dusting. Enough for a mini-snowball fight with my little guy, so I guess that’s enough for now… but I can’t wait for a REAL snow, so we can make snow-dragons and forts and stuff.

  7. mssc54 says:

    Joy; Most hunters have no tollerance for others who do not respect private property. Poachers are dangerous!

    Amber; Glad u liked the post and the kids are adoreable!

    Hayden; Maybe you should get some white long johns and tye-dye them!

    The kids did good keeping quiet. The Mrs. told me it was 9:30 when she heard the piano! lol

    Kwoneshe: I did so enjoy watching the two deer but the male Red Tail Hawk was awesome too!

    Laura; The guys I hunt with are very concious of hunting ethics.

    Sorry to disappoint you but this pic is one that was Googled and not the actual property I was hunting. Although it was bitterly cold it did not snow. A complete waste of freezing weather. lol

    Thanks all for commenting.

  8. enola says:

    Glad you had a good hunt. I’m marking this post for my husband to read. He’s an avid hunter. He has gotten one small buck which is now ground and in 37 packs of 1 pound pacakages in our deep freezer.

  9. Gisele says:

    I’m trhilled you’re giving up some of your season to come see us!!!! Have safe and happy travels!

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