For those that may not have been at Legacy this past Sunday, you can hear a fuller explanation on my thoughts with regards to this election. I too, believe it to be historic, but not for the reasons we have been told by the main stream media (or for that matter the cable news networks and talk radio). (go to  and hit the media link)  We hear…”economy…economy…economy…”, but few issues about character, values, and national morality. Why do we think a different economic policy is all we need? Do we not believe that how we choose to live and the values we hold are directly related to how God blesses and prospers a nation.

For the first time that I can ever recall (to my personal neglect), my family specifically stopped this morning and prayed for this election. Don’t get me wrong…I have prayed for elections before in church service and even personal devotions. Obviously, we pray for all kinds of things as a family on a regular basis…but this time we all gathered and prayed that God would move on the hearts of Americans and give us what we need and not just what we want. I feel like this election is being contended for in the Spiritual realm.

However it shakes out…God is still God; Jesus is still Lord; and the King of kings is still ultimately overseeing us all. That gives me a sense of peace and confidence.

Do your Christian, civic duty and vote…one vote can make a difference!



Some people have said that Christians should not vote.  The look at the public failings of “big named” (so called) Christian Leaders and laugh.  They look at some of the seemingly failures of elected officials whom the (so called)  Christian Right has elected and say things like “you Christians have messed up this country by electing these political leaders who have messed up this country.  You should just sit this one out.”

Do you think there would be any public outcry if people called on blacks or Jews, or women or Native Americans to sit out this election?  Of course there would. 

Christians have become the new politically correct “whipping child”.  I understand that thinking.  It’s wrong, but I understand it. 

The problem (I believe) is that most people who SAY they are Christian do so because they think it is like being part of a “club”.  Until people who SAY they are Christian are ready to actually live under Biblical precepts in EVERY AREA of their lives we followers of Christ will remain the “whipping child” of those who are just waiting to place societies blame somewhere other than where it truly belongs.