I wonder how SNOPES verifies all the things they do?

Any thoughts on the content of this one?

I think it’s pretty profound!


6 Responses to SNOPES

  1. In this case they emailed the supposed ‘sender’ of the email to verify that he sent the email.

    Sometimes they are verifying or debunking the facts in the email. Often political emails go around that misrepresent the facts or whatever. They’ll go through and explain what the background of each item, line by line.

    I love Snopes because they give me a quick and reliable fact check on a lot of things. Plus, you can comb through their archives!

    Everytime I got a women-hatches-spider-eggs-in-her-cheeks email, I would check it out. Otherwise i wouldn’t be able to sleep!

  2. I love SNOPES too! It has saved my from nightmares… but given me a few too!

  3. Joy says:

    This is good. I don’t feel sex or race should be an issue in voting. At least it’s not to me.

  4. Enola says:

    I love snopes too – I am quick to double check the facts on emails I get and then send back the snopes link to the original sender. I wish more people would check the facts before forwarding messages.

    With this message, I like the article. Great points!

  5. wvhillcountry says:

    Sorry this is off topic, but I tried Lindsey’s link and it didn’t work. Not sure why. But thought you would want to know.

  6. omahs says:

    I thought it was great! I’m happy to see that the race factor is the reason for choosing, but rather through prayer and direction. Had not heard of Snopes before, but like what they do if this is true.

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