God Parents

I’ve been thinking lately… just how slack I have been regarding my responsibilities as a god parent.

I came about my posotion of being a god parent as, I suppose, most god parents do.  It had nothing to do with my spiritual maturity or love of the Lord but instead, it was due to my close friendship with the parents of the baby.

Now let me (right here defend) all of us slacker god parents.  I was young and was clueless  as to what it really ment to accept such an important role.  Heck I figured it just meant that if the baby’s mom and dad were killed that I agreed to care for the baby.  WRONG!!!

In my defense (way back then) I did go to church on (some) Sundays.  I guess the birth parents figured since I wasn’t a complete heathen, and I was such a good friend to them that I would make a good god parent to their new born baby.

I don’t know why this has been bothering me lately.  Although it probably has something to do with my internal review of our choices of god parents for our children.  My wife and I are having difficulty even remembering who they are.  How sad.

Maybe I’m wrong but here’s what I  think we should have considered when choosing god parents for our children.  First and foremost:  does the person we are considering for a god parent have an ongoing, close, personal relationship with the Savior?  Secondly:  are they willing to take on the responsibility of being the god parent of our child?  Lastly:  how is our relationship with the person we intend to ask to fulfill the role of god parent?

I think, all too often people just choose one of their good friends to be a god parent.  They all go down to their local church, have their little ceremony and go on about their lives not having anything changed  in the spirit realm at all.  I just bet the enemy is at those pomp and circumstance ceremonies just laughing to beat hell.  “Look at them, all feeling so warm and fuzzy about what they are doing.  That little baby’s spiritual future is going to be formed by them?! Ha!”

I’m actually ashamed at how I have (or have not to be more accurate) fulfilled my obligation(s) of being a god parent.   Sadly our god daughter now lives hundreds of miles away from us.  We have absolutely no relationship with her at all.  Heck I wouldn’t even recognise her in a crowd of three people!

Anyway that part is history and we must look at what can be done differently today.  At least now that I have recognised my failures I can begin to pray for her.  I will make an effort to contact her mom and find out what’s going on in her life.  Is she married?  Does she have children?   What are their names?  Is there anything specifically she needs prayer for?

It saddens me so… how differently do you think “the next generation” would look of we god parents took an active role in the spiritual guidance and well being of our god children?  Surely, our families and communities would be better off if we did what we agreed to do.  I challenge each of us to step up and begin today to take our role as god parents seriously.  Most seriously.

Don’t you think we should?


6 Responses to God Parents

  1. Hm. I never actually had godparents, but Ihad a lot of people who were willing to mentor.

  2. Joy says:

    In my life and family and my husbands, friends aren’t Godparents. Our family is. I’m not even sure I can think of anyone I know who’s a Godparent to a friends child. Maybe it’s the area we live or something but our siblings all seem to be Godparents to each others kids. So I see my Godchildren quite often and my brother and sister in law are my boys Godparents.

    This is a good thing to think about. Is it different in different area’s?

  3. Des says:

    Great Post! I think the god parents we chose for our kids have divorced long ago and have moved on to different spouses. Yikes. I’m glad we lost the will we made out many years ago. The sad part is that I can’t think of anyone off hand that I’d trust to do a good job with them. Thanks for spurring the process though.

  4. mssc54 says:

    Hayden; As you know ALL children need mentors, It appears you were blessed with some good ones! 🙂

    Joy; I think it’s great when families take an active part in each other’s lives. The only challenge here would be that I am sure some godparents would be chosen based on who’s turn it is and not on whom is BEST qualified and MOST committed.

    Des; I think it is important for each of us (parents) to develope spiritual (accountability) partners. I think they would be BEST for fulfilling a committment to be godparents.

  5. kweenmama says:

    We didn’t have God parents when we were growing up either, and my kids don’t have any, but our extended families are very much in our lives and my kids have great relationships with their aunts and uncles on both sides of the family. They receive plenty of guidance and friendship in this way.

  6. GREAT post! I think you should not beat yourself up over it though… you could always get back in touch and maybe send the godchild a token gift of faith (rosary, prayer book, bible). I though long and hard over whom would be my kids God Parents and it still didn’t work out (despite my attempt to choose people of faith. I’m blessed that each of my 2 still has one who continues to be a member of the church. Your post was a good reminder for me about my role… which I do take seriously. My God Children are young, but we are starting! Last Christmas they all got Fisher Price nativity scenes… we must all start somewhere! Anyway — thank you for the timely reminder of my responsibilities!!

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