Annoying E-mails!!!!

I think we all have at least one person who sends us annoying emails.  Don’t you?

What is the most annoying email(s) that you get.

My particular pet peeve is…

“You must send this email to ten people.  When you do God will bless you sooooo much.”  Or some junk like that.

I finally responded with;

“Wow, your god seems so legalistic. 

Let me see if I understand how this works.  God told you to send me this email so He could bless you?  Now in order for me to get blessed by God I too, in turn, must find ten more people to send this email too?

What if I can only think of nine people?  Will I get nine tenths of the full blessing or will I be completely disqualified from God’s blessings?  Or is there really a lower number I could send this email and still qualify for this Internet God blessing?

Gosh, this all seems so contrary to what I am used to.  I mean I was receiving God’s blessings before I even had an email account.  I never did get the email that said that God was using the Internet now to send out His blessings. 

Is there a new Book of the Bible for this?  Like “Cyber-Blessings”.  Surely this would be in the “Newest Testament”.

Of course I clicked on “Reply all”  before I typed my response.  I’m sure this isn’t word for word what I sent but this is exactly the jist of it.

Any one else have problems with this kind of email?  Just so you know… that was the last one of those I got.

I did get a response from the person that sent it to me. “Gosh, you have a good point here.”  Duh!  🙂


21 Responses to Annoying E-mails!!!!

  1. Lindsey says:

    HA! That is a great response to that kind of E-mail. I especially loved the “Jesus is knocking on your door” email where Jesus apparently relied on my to forward him to my friends. I mean, here I thought that Jesus was in all of us who accepted him, I didn’t realize he relied on my emailing him to my friends to get around!


  2. donstuff says:

    No kidding! Chain emails to receive a blessing of some kind – “don’t break the chain.”
    Annoying, definitely annoying (an adaptation of Rainman).

  3. laughlivemedia says:

    I must say i have fell for some of those chain mails…I now don’t respond to them But now they come to my cell phone. When will the madness stop….

  4. LMAO, I love that line about having received blessings before God got an email account, LOL.

    So the more I get to know you, the more I realize why you ended up with the class clown moniker. You’re really funny.

  5. mssc54 says:

    Donstuff; Your Rainman impression is perfect. I had to look twice! lol

    Laughlivemedia; Now is when you need to respond. Just cut and past my response after clicking on “respond all”. That shuts them down pretty quickly. 😉

    Hayden; My whit…. it’s a gift. Some people, like yourself, are gifted writers. Me? I’m a gifted smart-aleck! 🙂

  6. mssc54 says:

    Lindsey; Man I wish I had received tha knocking at the door Jesus. I would have replied with that song “Someone’s Knocking at Your Door”! It just seems like a natual fit. 🙂

  7. Those emails drive me INSANE! My aunt assaults me with them all the time… I forward them back to her 10-20 times to make a point. She still doesn’t stop, but I love her so I will resist the urge to kick her really hard.

  8. Connie says:

    I think I have stored up about thirty years of “bad luck” for deleting said emails! I never did get the email that said that God was using the Internet now to send out His blessings.

    “I never did get the email that said that God was using the Internet now to send out His blessings.” You are too funny and too clever!

  9. Joy says:

    This is such a great topic. I hate those. I don’t get to many of them anymore but I sure used to. The ones that drive me crazy are the ones who say “forward to all those you love and send it back to the person who sent it to you to show how much you care!” Who in the world would want all those people to send it back to them???? I hate junk email let alone getting it all back!!

    I had an uncle who has since passed away. He was in his late 70’s a few years back when he got the Internet. He used to send me an average of 30 jokes everyday even though I asked him not to. He thought everything he read was hilarious. Then I had to step back and realize he was only thinking of me so there is a difference.

    I also hate all the drug and porn emails I get on my yahoo account. I have a private one now with our telephone company and I never, ever get those anymore. I have kept the yahoo one just for those I don’t feel close enough to give my “real” one to. Those “free” email accounts are good for roughly 3-4 years before all those junk ones start.

    I hate these. Great post mssc

  10. wvhillcountry says:

    I laugh everytime I get one of those emails that “command” that I send it on to a certain number of people. Sometimes if the message is good, I will cut and paste and send it on without the bribe or threat at the end. Just enjoy the message and delete those that offend.

  11. Des says:

    Back in the old days before the internet, you might receive a typed letter in the mail with the same kind of message. But instead of having the convenience of forwarding, you’d have to type out 10 letters and send them on!

    What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.

  12. SanityFound says:

    Can I add you into my preferred 10?


  13. mssc54 says:

    Grim; You are a better man than I. 🙂

    Connie; Maybe that email went into your spam folder. I’m sure that’s what happened to mine. lol

    Joy; Old people are like little kids. Ya just gotta love them and look at their heart. I probably would have blocked him! haha

    WVhill; You the rebelious one you! 😉

    Des; Well at least back in the day they would have had to use stamps.

    Sanity; It would be my honor. 🙂

  14. phillysoul11 says:

    ha! very correct you are! I returned from a 10 day trip and low and behold I had around 15+ of these in my inbox :O

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  16. Amber says:

    Listen, I have one better for you. It seems that email isn’t the first kind of “pass it on” type christianity to get God’s blessings. When my mother was dying, my Aunt called (godmother) and begged me to get my Mother to recite a few words before her death. Apparently my godmother’s Catholic family had been bestowed a papal seal of blessings/protections that anyone in that family who quotes these few words before death will be assured of heaven no matter what – even if the words are not believed.

    Ok… I just rolled my eyes. my mother did quote the words… she is not a believer – but then again she didn’t die.

  17. thedailydish says:

    UGH, I have gotten (and still get) SO MANY of these emails and they drive me nuts. And I always inevitably think the same thing as I am deleting them.

    I can’t believe that anyone BELIEVES this crap.

    I love God. I believe in God. I do not believe in spam.

  18. thedailydish says:

    PS: The worst ones are the emails which say “You must pass this on or you are turning your back on God.” (or something to that effect).

    I do not believe God has any issue w/ me NOT FORWARDING CRAP ONTO OTHER PEOPLE!

  19. Love your response! Those emails are super annoying.

  20. Gisele Champlin says:

    Just think that the person who sent it to you was just thinking about you, but failed to delete the threat LOL

  21. psychscribe says:

    Well let me be the 21st person to agree with this post! Do people REALLY think they’ll get bad luck or good luck as a result of forwarding or not? AMEN to your post!

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