My little four year old boy is a hoot.

I will freely admit right of the git go that I was not much for the structured environment of school.  In fact I was the class clown and even voted “Wittiest” in the Who’s Who contest in seventh grade.  I later learned (as an adult) that “wittiest” is code for “smart-ass.”

So my little guy has had some difficulty adjusting to the rigors of four year old kindergarten.

A couple of weeks ago his teacher sent a note home saying that he had hit another kid.  So I sat him down in a little chair across from me and I asked him about it.  He said he did not hit anyone.  Are you sure you didn’t hit anyone?  “I no hit anybody daddy.”  Well what did you do?  “I pushed a boy.”  Well why did you push him? …. “He speak Spanish.”  Man it was all I could do to keep a straight face.  You know, there is more than way  to communicate.

Today I get a call from his teacher.  I think, this can’t be good.  Porter had a very good morning but when it came time to leave music he wanted to stay with his music teacher.  So after his teacher let the music teacher walk him back to class she realized that she probably should have not done that.  He kept cling to her and not wanting to do his regular class stuff.  Now we have told the teacher that Porter understands the term “Boss” and he knows he has to listen to who ever the “boss” is.  So she says to him; “Now Porter, you know you are not the boss and you have to listen to me.”  So he made a face and blew her a big ole raspberry and went to sit down.  We have never seen him do that.  I bet it was hilarious.  I spoke to him and told  him that I wasn’t mad at him, just disappointed with that little bad behavior.  Told him that I knew he would have a better afternoon and that I love him very much and can’t wait to see him after school.

So, he had a good afternoon.  Sigh… what’s a daddy to do?


3 Responses to My little four year old boy is a hoot.

  1. donstuff says:

    Kids – gotta love ’em.

  2. You’re not the boss of me!!

    I’m sorry, I don’t know where that came from! Oh, wait, yes I do. I’m channeling my brother, he used to say that to me all the time! (Of course, I was also put ‘in charge’ of him but no one told him that.)

  3. Joy says:

    This is so cute. I sure do know that feeling of stifling a laugh. My grandson is also four and his favorite thing right now it to say “it doesn’t match.” We don’t know where it came from and he gets so upset. We went out to dinner Sat night and he wanted mini cheeseburgers and mac and cheese. He never eats both so they told him he could only get one or the other. The mini cheeseburgers came with fries and he kept crying that the cheeseburgers don’t match the fries but the cheeseburgers matched the mac and cheese!! We don’t know what he means. It’s hilarious.

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