Parenting & Grandparenting

So tonight I ran the bath water for both my four year old son and my twenty-one month old grandson.  I put them in, bathe them and then toss the “bucket-o-toys” in for them to play.  There isn’t much water in the tub so don’t freek out.  The water doesn’t even cover their legs.

So they are just having a good ole time, splashing each other playing with their toys.

After about ten minutes Porter hollers “Daddy, Cooper pooped in the tub!  Daddy!  Daddy, Cooper pooped in the tub!”

So I go in and sure enouth, “it’s” all over in the water.  Good consistancy though.   Little Coop’ has “one” in his little hand just giving it a very thorough inspection.  I mean after all he hasn’t ever seen one of these things in the tub before.

By this time Porter was standing in the “clean” corner.

So I yanked them both out and put then in the other tub and cleaned them up.

Then I had to clean all the toys and the tub.

I wish I had the video.  It really was hillarious.

Hope you all have a good  evening too!

Gosh I just love being a daddy and a Popop!


6 Responses to Parenting & Grandparenting

  1. Amber says:

    lol … uh…. one for the books! 😀

  2. donstuff says:

    Funny stuff. You’ve got your own little Mini-Cooper-Pooper!

  3. Oh, mssc54, are you TRYING to make me not want to be a parent? It won’t work, I tells ya!

    I will, however, not be bathing children together after reading this – yech!

  4. Joy says:

    This is so funny. There was no harm done and kids love playing in the tub together. Oohhh….funny. There is nothing better than being a grandparent. I’m not sure how you do the parenting thing at the same time though. I’ve got to hand it to you. I don’t know that I could do it all over again. I love it when they come but I love it when they go home. Is that bad of me??

  5. Ah the picture you paint! Hilarious!!

  6. mssc54 says:

    Amber; I wish I would have started writing the things Porter says. He is soooo funny.

    Donstuff; Funny… organic too!

    Hayden; I am doing nothing of the sort. You will see this is just the sort of thing that makes life “exciting.”

    Joy; We never figured we would be doing this at our age either. Heck we alamost had the entire nest emptied out. But alas, the Lord had other plans for us. We are excited to see what the “next round” will bring.

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