Governor Sarah Palin and Governor Pontious Pilot

I especially like the latest Democratic slur against Governor Palin.

“Jesus was a street organizer. Pontious Pilot was a Governor.”

Man talk about panic!

I would love for someone with a national stage to respond…

“Pontious Pilot knew the right thing to do but turned his back and washed his hands of it.

Pontious Pilot let his party get away with murder.

Sarah Palin is no Pauntious Pilot.”

I think that would kinda nail it down. (pun intended)


5 Responses to Governor Sarah Palin and Governor Pontious Pilot

  1. Joy says:

    I hadn’t seen this one yet. Yes, I do think Obama is running scared. I think, he thought, he had it all “nailed” down (pun intended) and now this nation is looking and paying attention to “the old guy” and they are getting very nervous. I feel all these attacks on everyone (both parties included) are only a way out of talking the issues. I don’t know about you but I feel Charles Gibson is the worst interviewer I’ve ever seen. There’s a way to be tough without being condescending and rude which I found him to be both.

    Me thinks Obama was counting his chickens before his eggs were hatched and the tide seems to be turning.

  2. Des says:

    The irony about that comment was that I think it came from a Jewish member of congress and during his re-election bid, he came under attack from radical Christians who blamed him for the death of Jesus. You’d have thought he would have learned from this.

  3. brianshaw says:

    Did not Pontious Pilot let the people decide, much like our government “of the people, by the people, for the people”? As you said, Pontious Pilot had his reservations. To me, this is more of a bash on democracy, which would be typical of a Socialist agenda like Obama has been accused of having. And Obama is no Jesus might I add, the anti-Christ maybe.

    It’s certainly interesting. My hope is and always will be in Jesus but my vote goes to the “Reformer.” Hey, wasn’t Jesus a reformer?

    Enjoying your blog–thanks!

  4. Wow, had not heard this one either! Wish the discussion between candidates was more substantive…. wish the coverage was journalism vs. commentary too…..

  5. mssc54 says:

    Joy; it appears that rudeness is not restricted to a particular party. Sigh.

    Des; to learn you must first believe that you need to learn.

    brianshaw; you know the Bible says that no one gets into a position of authority unless the Lord allows it. Render unto Ceasar and all.

    GrimRealityGirl; C’mon even with your name you expect something positive? lol No such hope.

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