Fasting and Praying

 I don’t know about you but I haven’t heard many teachings on the value of fasting and praying.

In the book of Luke Jesus, Himself, said that when the Bridegroom is taken away then the disciples will fast (added emphasis).

He didn’t say that we might fast.  He didn’t say we could fast.  He didn’t say we should pray about fasting.  He said we will fast!

You remember when the disciples were out healing and casting out demon spirits?  Then they came across one demon possessed man and they could do nothing.  They went back to Jesus and asked Him why they could not heal this man.  Jesus chastised them about their lack of faith.  He told them that that demon was a really bad one and if they expect to take care of demons that are that bad they had better strengthen their faith by fasting and praying.

The Bible says to every man is given a measure of faith.  So we already have that seed of faith.  The only way to grow that faith is by using it or testing it.  However, apparently, there comes a point in our faith walk that in order to bring our faith to the next level we must enter into a season of fasting and prayer.

There are twenty five different fasts listed in the Bible.  Here is where my current understanding on the subject is.  I can enter into a season of (general) fasting and praying.  I begin by praying and asking the Lord what type and how long this fast should be.  Upon “hearing” from the Lord I enter into that time.  Now (for me) I can go about this in one of two ways.  I can enter into the fast with the intent of crucifying my flesh and drawing spiritually closer to the Lord through prayer, study and worship.  Just to generally strengthen my relationship with Him.

However, if I am dealing with a particular issue (anger, lust, greed, etc.) then I will go before the Lord and confess what He already knows.  That, Lord, I am struggling with this spirit of anger.  It has taken hold of me and I know it is not of You.  Lord I consecrate this fast unto You that You will have dominion over that spirit of anger in me and take it out by the roots.  Replace that void with Your Spirit of Peace and Love. 

Strengthen me in Your ways oh Lord… in all Your ways.  Guard my thoughts and preserve my temporal body as I seek Your divine guidance.

May the Lord be glorified through my intentional partnering with Him.

I believe that only true

Disciples of the Christ

will seek him through

the sacrifice of fasting and prayer.

What do you think?


10 Responses to Fasting and Praying

  1. I read John Piper’s book on the subject and found it very helpful

  2. mssc54 says:

    RWG: I’ve read just about all of Derek Prince’s books and he has one on Fasting as well. I like the way he writes.

  3. Well that rules me out! Mamma loves her some deliciousness…now where did I put that brownie?!

  4. extracruem says:

    Fasting can be great. It’s a lost discipline pretty much.

    I’d say there is a rightoues anger-indignation (a fine-fine line between it and a self-rightoues spirit) so don’t be too hard on yourself there—Jesus was well-within the bounderies when he turned over the tables in the temple, and even though a good number would be qucik to point out that we need to be nice and “loving”—I’d argue that Jesus wasn’t unloving in his anger, it was his love for God and the people being duped and exploited by the religious frauds that fueled that anger.

    Thanks for your transparency here—and for visiting and commenting on my blog—the interaction is always welcome.

    …btw—it’s super simple to add a sub-title under the title of your blog at the top—I am no computer guy but if you’d like to know how (it’d take 30 seconds maybe) you can email me at

  5. Joy says:

    LOL Hayden. That’s what I was thinking but didn’t know how to say it but you said it perfectly.

  6. mssc54 says:

    Hayden/Joy; Nothing wrong with a good (boy) brownie with vanilla ice cream. Just not when I’m fasting. Kinda ruins the point of “crucifying the flesh.”

    Extracruem; thanks for stopping by. Don’t misunderstand me… I’m not dealing with ALL of these issues. lol 🙂 At least not that I am aware of.

  7. laughlivemedia says:

    I agree with fasting and praying. I also here teachings a lot from the school I go to. who actually live it out not just speaks it. Have you heard about the International House of Prayer. Go to check it out.

  8. Amber says:

    Mssc54 – fasting can mean many things. Fasting/abstaining can mean avoiding things for god, such as giving up something for Lent period as you do as a sign of discipline for your faith.

    As you are talking about having anger issues for the reason for your fast, I might suggest a type of fast that would be more akin to Lent type fasting. Meaning you are abstaining from choices that are poor for you because God tells you that this is not healthy for you and your life. Its obedience to him to want to become the best version of yourself.

    If you are interested, we can talk about this further in an email. Diet can help you big time. If you control your blood sugar and stop having peaks and valleys, you will help to curb your “mood”.

  9. mssc54 says:

    laugh; wow if your church regualrly encourages fasting I would tend to think that your’s is rare.

    Amber; When I look at examples of Biblical fasts NONE are as Lent is in these days. I believe that Lenten “fasts” are just something various denominational doctrines came up with so the regular congregant can feel good about “sacrificing” their chocolate or some sort of rediculous thing. That’s merely changing your diet and not much to do with crucifying the flesh to draw closer to the Lord.

    Regarding the anger thing I was merely using that as an example as a specific consecrated fast unto the Lord.

    Instead of a “general time of fasting” specifically fast for a period of time with the intent that the Lord will allow “me” to understand or “be delivered” from that spirit of anger.

  10. Amber says:

    Ok, mine was a more practical approach. Use your fast as changing your diet and giving up things that you love because it will help deal with your anger. Remember… God helps those who are serious about helping themselves. *shrug*

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