Lipstick Pig

Desperation has set in for the Democrat Presidential Nominee Senator B. H. Obama.

Most of the voters in America thought Senator Obama was running against the Republican Presidential Nominee, Senator John McCain.  Not so!

Apparently Senator McCain poses no threat to Senator Obama.  Just listen to what Senator Obama is talking about; lipsticked pigs and dead fish wrapped in news paper.

Now c’mon can any serious person really say that Obama wasn’t making snyde remarks directed specifically to Governor Palin’s “Lipstick-Pit bull, hockey mom” remark at the Republican Convention?

Only a partisan hack would try to spin Obama’s remarks to mean anything except what he intended them to be.  Senator Obama was clearly trying to chip away at the forward momentum the Republicans are enjoying since McCain chose Palin as his running mate.  Nothing wrong with that.  That’s what he is supposed to be doing.  But since when does the Presidential nominee run against the opposing party’s Vice Presidential nominee? 

Me thinks the Senator keeps stepping in a pile of it each time he “attacks” the female Vice Presidential candidate.

Fair or not, most people just don’t like to see a man “picking on a woman.”  Certainly that is a good thing in society as a whole but it seems a double standard when it comes to the “work place”.  Don’t professional women want to be seen as “genderless” in the work place environment?   On the one hand women want to be treated equally, break the glass ceiling, receive equal pay but when they are “attacked” it is somehow unfair.  Really?  Splain to me how those two jive.

Lookie here girls, if you want to play with the boys your going to get dirty.  Simple as that.

However, I will say that for me (personally) I have grown completely weary of the politics where the main goal is to tear down the opposing side rather than too build your side up.

Democrats and Republicans are both guilty of this.  Neither side can boast “change” until they actually…. well change.  A good place to start is by saying something like;

Here I am and here is what I intend to do to move these United Stated forward.  Then be specific on all of the issues.  If you are going to change the health care system, state specifically HOW you are going to do it.  I would also expect a detailed explanation of how all of these stated changes are going to be financed.

I mean I don’t know about you but I wold actually like to keep MORE of the money I EARN than give it to the government so they can decide what to do with it or who to give it to.

And by the way if you think everyone needs free  health care, longer unemployment insurance, job retraining, free food, free housing then that is very simple to fix.  You should personally take your pay check into the neighborhoods and decide which individuals you deem worthy of your hard earned money and just give it to them or buy the things they say they need.

Once again, you don’t need the government to help people out.  Go out and do it yourself!  Cut out the middle man (government) and we can reduce the amount of money needed.


8 Responses to Lipstick Pig

  1. Amber says:

    Here here…. I wrote something similar…

    Lets here about the real issues and not them calling each other names anymore!

  2. I definitely understand about wanting to keep more of the money you earn, but the fact of the matter is that we are at war. I think it is fiscally irresponsible to cut taxes, or to have cut taxes, while we are still spending billions of dollars a month in the middle east.

    But I’ll admit, I’m not expert.

  3. Joy says:

    My husband and I were just talking about this last night. What trash we are hearing. Are we only going to learn what each party stands for or plans to do going to be on the debates? So far nobody is saying to much because they are talking about lipstick and pigs?? Please!!! Let’s see who can make the other one look worse? For me, I’m voting McCain and it has nothing to do with Palin. She just a bonus in my opinion.

    One more thing that’s really irritating me is that she’s not running for the President. Where is Bidon hiding out? He’s the one she’s running against. It seems to me that Obama must be plenty scared because he’s the one attacking her the most. I thought he was more of a gentleman. I say let him shoot himself in the foot. He’s doing a good job so I think we should just leave him alone and let him lose this on his own.

  4. mssc54 says:

    Amber; I understand where you are coming from.

    Hayden; I would be the last to want to circumvent funds needed for our military. However, it is my understanding that by making tax cuts (giving the people back their own money) then the people in turn use that money. When that money is used it winds up back in the government coffers.

    Joy; I think I am just done listing to any more of this. I mean it is just not goot for my inner being.

  5. “When that money is used it winds up back in the government coffers.”

    Hm. HMMMMMM. You make an excellent excellent point. I really wish I understood our tax system better. It’s absolutely byzantine.

  6. brianshaw says:

    Mssc54, lots in the post I agree with. Way too much to comment on each individually. Let me say upfront: Boo Obama/Biden, Go McCain/Palin! That being said, the “lipstick on a pig” is apparently a common political phrase that would be like saying, “you can dress up a turd but it’s still a turd.” In other words, it’s not change if you just relabel the same thing. Since the phrase has been used multiple times previously by both candidates, I personally don’t think Obama was relating it to the pit-bull statement made by Palin. Unfortunately for him though, bad coincidence on the term “lipstick” and poor timing in use of the phrase–now he’s paying the price. (Did I just defend Obama? Somebody check my blood sugar, quick!)

    With regards to the other issues, yeah, no tax increases for free lunches, you want the “idle hand” to eat or have health care, leave the government out of it and go help a brother up. Don’t tax the middle guy to help the little guy; I’d rather steward my own money to ministries that heal, not to a government to use as a crutch.

    One other point of agreement: detailed plans, metrics to measure success once implemented, and being held accountable for the results welcomed. Businesses live and die by their results and so have to be accountable. Why can’t there be a similar accountability standard for the government? If something ain’t working fix it or chunk it!

  7. Amber says:

    Brianshaw – really good points. I love your point about the government being held accountable by their results.

    However, in Political analysis, the results of a Presidency can only be felt economically starting from year 6 of term or two years after he leave (whichever is appropriate). You need a full 8 years to feel the true sum of the success of a government. That way, all of the laws and policies enacted will be in the swing and fully set. Then and only then can we know.

    As for taxing the middle guy to help the little guy… so people can use it as a crutch… I have a different view on the subject. We need a solid system in place where people who NEED help get it. I myself fell into this category many years ago when I became sick. I was actually turned down for aid because I was the wrong color. The sick and elderly and children need help sometimes. Im not talking about welfare mothers here. Im talking about people who truly need. I am happy to put my money there…

  8. brianshaw says:

    A solid system for people who NEED help (‘need’ being the operative word) I agree 100%. People who have a false sense of need and should otherwise be working, should be working and this solid system should get them there (graduated decreasing payments, skill/technical training, job seeking assistance, assistance from non-profits including faith-based orgs, etc.). For those who are able, “teach them how to fish” as “giving them fish” stifles their productivity. Sorry Amber, I should have clarified. I do have a heart. Thanks for making the point.

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