I was reading another blog and if I knew how to link to it I would.  It is Lindsey over at “emphaticasterisk.com”.  Her question was “When does life begin.”

We all have heard this same question over the years… trying to determine when exactly life begins.  Is it a baby?  Is it an enviable tissue mass?  Is it alive?

As always Lindsey is very , very eloquent with her writings and is quite adept at leading you to where she wants you to “land”.

However, as I pondered the “when does life begin” I broke out my study bible and began to look up a few things.  One of them was “blood”.

If you know your Bible you know that blood is a big theme all through the OT and NT.  So rather than rewrite what I have written on Lindsey’s blog I decided to take the easy way out and cut and paste with minor changes.

You know the verse in the Bible that says although they see they won’t be able to see. You, of course, know the context. That being if you are not a believer you will not be able to see what the Lord wants you to see or that we would be completely overwhelmed if we received Revelation of everything all at once.

That being said…

Now I won’t claim out and out Revelation knowledge but let’s look at the book of Leviticus chapter 17 verses 11-14. Here we see that the Lord is reiterating the Law against eating blood. Why is that? Verse 11 “For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the alter to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul. Then in verse 14 He reiterates again where LIFE IS. “For it is the life of all flesh; the blood of it is for the life thereof:…”

As you look at the context of blood all through out the bible. Blood means life. Therefore…

My (current) understanding to the question “where does life begin?”.  Life begins when there is blood present.   It really is as simple as that. No blood, no life.


10 Responses to Abortion

  1. mulloverthis says:

    How about another question. Is there life? And if there is life, at whatever point something does have life, what gives anyone the right to stop life? Is there life in blobs of tissue? Leave them alone and life will answer for itself after awhile. Every abortion that is performed stops life. That is why “abort”ions are necessary. So the real issue is not about when life begins at all. It is about when life should have rights to speak for itself. Just my opinion…www.mulloverthis.wordpress.com

  2. Amber says:

    Its an interesting interpretation. Im not sure if I agree with you. After all, I could spill alot of blood on the floor of mine and in no way could it cause life. I could mix that blood with the blood of a man and still would not cause life.

    Blood is talked about in the OT and the NT. Basically because at the time (Im talking historical fact here) there were so many invasions, conquering people that women were often raped and produced offspring from men they didn’t even know who they were or where they were from. Its was a big deal back in those times to rape the women to show themselves as dominant.

    The child was not brought up as the offspring of the rapist, but the offspring of the woman. Her religion, her beliefs. It was the only way since the religion of the man was basically unknown.

    Abortion is not something ANYONE likes. I sure as heck don’t. I have to make my choices according to my faith. What we risk by making it illegal is to remove the safety and risk the health of a young person by having dirty backstreet abortions with no health care afterwards. This could kill the mother, or it could sterilize her for life.

    Everyone has to stand and face God. Everyone. They have to stand alone and know their deeds in life and face the consequences from God. Judgement is mine alone… remember? I believe that is written in the Bible. No point worrying over anyone else’s sins. You have plenty of your own to deal with on that day.

  3. Lindsey says:

    *lol* I’m not sure how I could lead anyone where I want them to “land” on this particular issue since I’m not really sure what I myself believe… but, whatever! You do make an interesting point- and the fetus starts producing it’s own blood very early on. Hm.

  4. Lindsey, you clearly missed your calling in life as an ad exec or copywriter! Get on it! 🙂

  5. Joy says:

    I think, for me, I couldn’t have an abortion. I don’t think there could be a reason for me strong enough to do this. The baby would be mine no matter what. But I do believe like Amber does that it should be up to the circumstance of the woman involved. I don’t believe it’s for me to decide what someone else feels they need to do for whatever reason.

  6. wvhillcountry says:

    I have said it before that I could never willingly have an abortion. But that isn’t entirely true. In reading Lindsey’s posts and the comments it has received I have thought a lot about this issue recently.

    If it were a case of my life being at risk or aborting a child, if the risk was great enough, I would choose to abort. I have two living, breathing, sons that need a mother. I would be hurting them by sacrificing my life for an unborn child. That is not to say that I think that I am so great and wonderful. God knows I’m not. But to those two little boys, I am their world, at least for now.

    Although I am personally pro-life, I can’t even begin to say that I think abortions should be illegal. I haven’t walked in the shoes of the women who choose to have one. I can’t see punishing those who are pregnant at no fault of their own.

    I volunteered at a sexual assault hot line and I lead a few groups and the stories I have heard. It would make you cry. And yes a few of the girls had abortions. They were pregnant by their fathers, they were drugged and ganged raped, and they were in abusive relationships.

    It is so easy to judge on any issue until we look at the people on a person level, and until we see their journey, we have no right to make sweeping judgements or condemnations.

    As to when life begins? I have no clue. But to stand and scream at a young girl going in for an abortion is against everything Jesus taught. I would rather act out of compassion than anger anyday.

  7. mulloverthis says:

    Amber, blood is made up of cells. Cells are living things. So, blood has life in it. It symbolizes life. Life itself, uninterrupted will do what living things do: grow and multiply. Thanks for your blood analogy and helping to demonstrate the point that scientific facts in their simplicity illustrate the truth about abortion and life. If you never stopped your blood, you would eventually die Amber. You need the life and essentials from your blood to live. Just like if we starved a baby, it would eventually die. Life has to be cut off from its source in order to die. Thanks for the opp to discuss.

  8. mssc54 says:

    mulloverthis; Excellent points. Thanks for stopping by and contributing!

    Amber: “Its an interesting interpretation. Im not sure if I agree with you.”

    Well, girl, let me know when you are sure… one way or the other. If you are sure just spit it out (so to speak). 🙂

    Lindsey; “*lol* I’m not sure how I could lead anyone where I want them to “land” on this particular issue…”

    Thank you for making my point.

    You are like a good coach. Good coaches don’t have to think about how to get their team to the play offs. They just know the best way to go about it and do it. They don’t even realize the “how” they just “do”.

    So once again… good job Coach! 🙂

    Hayden; One day I will be able to communicate what I mean in one sentence thoughts. You said what I was trying to communicate. lol

    Joy; You are not alone in your feelings. I firmly believe that these dispicable incidences of violance against women is one of the exact reasons that we see Romans 8:28 in Holy Scripture.

    Hill; I can’t imagine the horrible stories you have heard as a volunteer. They must be so heart breaking.

    However, my God is an All Powerful God and capable of anything we allow Him to do.

    I know that’s an easy thing to say but a very, very difficult thing to see when you are at the “bottom of the pit” and things feel so hard and hopeless.

  9. Deuce says:

    To paraphrase Aquinas, what something is not only includes it’s current state, but also it’s purpose IS or what it is meant to be. A boy who is to become a man, moreso(hopefull) a man who is redeemed by God in every aspect of his existence, even if he does not currently resemble a man or is yet redeemed by God.

    Essentially a fetus is meant to be a human being, that is why abortion is unequivocally wrong, plain and simple. It is the taking of what is essentially a human life.

    Also knowing that pro choice, which is really pro death is wrong, one only has to look at the distortions in logic, the rhetoric, and the lies that are used to support such a position. That is the only kind of reasoning that evil can use.

  10. laughlivemedia says:

    I for what ever can’t find the most resent law past in Kansas city -Mid-Missouri… about plan parent hood having their patients see the ultra sound of the baby and hear it. (cause before they didn’t. Have the patients sign a doc. that said you know this is a life you are killing will feel it.
    and they are to provide alternatives and counseling…By the way I like the story above too. Blood is Life…

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