My pastor spoke on discernment today.

With all the high profile preachers that have fallen jumped “into the fire” as of late, discernment seems to be a  good topic for us to take a look at.

Christians are called to “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God”.  Christians are not called to “See ye the signs and wonders.” 

I mean the devil and all of his minions have the ability to make things look rather pleasing to our eyes and too appeal to our sense of “wanting to have”.  It is only human nature to want to be a part of something as profound as the reports we have heard of from Lakeland Revival.  Clamoring over each other to get the best seat possible.  Cutting people off in traffic to get there on time and too get the best spot in the parking lot.  All the while thinking that our quest to be a part of something spiritual is definately from God, Himself.

In the end we find out that the Lakeland Revival, while it had many good aspects and changed many people’s lives, was not of the Spirit (big “S”) but rather Lakeland Revival appears to be of the little spirit.  Hundreds of thousands of people were fooled and betrayed.

Where was their discernment?  How could so many “Christians” have not seen this?  Could it be that they got their eyes off of the Lord and set them on the man doing the “healing”?

How sad that so many people were deceived.  How many of these people do you think ignored that feeling inside of them too not participate… too stay home and dig into Holy Scripture and develop the spirit of discernment that we each need to exercise so much?!

We need to be able to discern what is of the Lord and what is of the world.  That is not easily done and it takes time to develop a sense of security when you get that feeling of discernment… that Holy Prompting.  Just because something looks spiritual and gives us goose bumps doesn’t mean that it is not a counterfeit spirit.

For instance on a personal note.

When my son-in-law was home on two weeks leave in November of ’06 for the birth of their son Cooper (seen here (infant Cooper with his Daddy)).

As you can imagine it was a most joyous time for all of us… plus with it being at Thanksgiving too!  It just seemed all the more reason to rejoice for the blessings of family and of the coming generations.

As the two weeks were drawing to a close and Buddy was preparing to deploy back to Afghanistan I noticed an uneasiness within me.  I did not say anything to anyone.  I just knew that something was wrong.  I felt almost an urgency that since the entire family was here at our house we should get at least one of those home made snap shots of the family all huddled together.  Of course there was grumbling about it.  Not now, we aren’t dressed for it, etc..  However, I firmly insisted and (grudgingly we all scrunched onto our couch while a friend snapped the picture.

This picture is the only picture we will ever have of our entire family.  Only Picture of the Entire Family

So you tell me, is it important to developthe spirit of discernment?  You bet it is.  And with the benefit of time I can look back to almost two years ago and honestly say that that “impression” I had to get that picture taken was from the Lord.  He knew what the future would bring… how difficult the coming months and years would be and how we would want to look back on this photo as some sort of comfort.

Although our family picture is a treasure to us it pales by comparison to being lead into a spiritual quagmire.  Be ware brothers and sisters that you are not deceived.  The consequences or blessings will be eternal ones.


4 Responses to Discernment

  1. mlordi says:

    You are right on. Discernment comes from seeking to understand the fear of God and find the knowledge of God.

  2. “This picture is the only picture we will ever have of our entire family.”

    That’s absolutely incredible.

  3. mssc54 says:

    Mlordi; where else would that Knowledge come from? 😉

    Hayden; I hope those links worked. Just imagine all of us at the dinner table a couple of times a month. What a blessing it is to have such a family. Truly.

  4. mlordi says:

    True knowledge only comes from the one true God. It is just sad that this world thinks that it knows more than its Creator. For that reason we are living in a world that is perishing.

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