Lakeland Revival – The Aftermath

Tod Bently, like all high profile Evangelists, had a big bulls eye target on him.  Unless Mr. Bently allows himself to submit to the will of the Lord, another Charismatic Leader will not finish the race.

How tragic on so many levels.  In my opinion the biggest loss will be that to Mrs. Bently and their three children.  The wife and mother is, I am sure, just heart broken.  Too watch a man that she has loved, guarded, prayed for and borne his children lose sight of the One Whom he once served…  I hope she doesn’t play the “what if” game.  What if I would have prayed for him more?  What if I would have been a better wife?  What if?  What if?

Well, what if Tod Bently had listened to the conviction of the Holy Spirit?  What if he had not allowed the spirit of pride and lust creep into his service to the Lord.  What if Tod Bently would have honored the covenant he made between himself, his bride and God the Father?  What if Tod Bendly would have recognized the absolut pain and sense of helplessness he is putting his very own children through.

What if indeed!!

It is one level of betrail to betray an aquaintenance but to betray the love of the children you taught to trust in the Lord and too follow His commandments is quite another.  Yes I realize that “sin is sin”.  But I also know that it is written that it be better for a mil stone to be  hung around your neck and be tossed into the ocean than to harm one of the innocent children.

Imagine if you will these children laying in bed this very night… knowing that the world is rediculing their daddy.  Laughing at yet another Christian Leader falling.  Laughing at their daddy.  How horribly cruel of a thing for them to have to go through.  These children (like many other children) don’t get to “vote” on whether or not mommy or daddy stay together.  They just get the experience of watching the two people that mean the most to them destroy their lives.

How terribly sad that there are those Christians who, instead of petitioning the Great Throne Room with a multitude of prayers for this family, they would rather ridicule the failings of a fleshly man.  Shame!

It is our “job” as sons and daughters of The Most High God to prayerfully commit to placing a hedge of protection around the Bently children.  The “job” of the disciples of Jesus the Christ is to pray for scales to fall from the eyes of those deceived by the one who has come to kill, steal and destroy.  It is in the spirit of “love thy neighbor” that we as “The Bride” should be interceding for the reconciliation of this marriage and the marriages of so many others.

Now is the time Church!  Now is the time to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Will you be blown to and fro by the wind or will you remain steadfast in your faith and obedience to the Light of the World?

Choose wisely for as you sow, so shall you reap.

Get your eyes off of the “car wreck” and keep them on Jehovah-Jirah the One to provide healing,


5 Responses to Lakeland Revival – The Aftermath

  1. Des says:

    How about the parents? I’d say now is the time to come around them and extend grace with a good helping of truth. There’s no reason why all of Todd’s friends in ministry can’t intervene on behalf of his family and maybe smack some common sense into him. Those who failed him before this all happened, need to redeem themselves by not just praying from a distance.

  2. mssc54 says:

    Des,I completely agree! All too often in Christian circles the backbiting is done in the form of “We need to pray for Pastor Bently. Did you know….”

    Instead of doing the Matthew 18:15-17 approach most Christians just talk the talk.

    On the other hand another thing that really steams me and I can imagine greatly dissapoints the Lord as well, is when people say, “Well, I guess now all we can do is pray.” How insulting to our Lord that we use Him as a last resort to fix our failures. Try praying first then maybe there won’t be so many failures.

    Thanks for the input! Hope you stick around.

  3. “Laughing at yet another Christian Leader falling.”

    More like disgusted. I understand that ‘people make mistakes’, but I think it is disgusting when people (anyone, thank you Elliot Spitzer) claim a moral authority and then completely violate that.

    It find it equally worse when that person (and I don’t Tod Benson so I can’t say in his case) is a total hyprocrite. Like the guy who was paying a male prostitute to have sex and bring drugs when he had been railing against ‘homosexual sinners’. And Elliot Spitzer.

    The pastor of ‘my church’ (no matter where I move, it will always be my church), isn’t a perfect person. Be she is a living example of Christ’s love, the kind of person who doesn’t wield her moral authority like a battering ram. She lives by example.

    I actually really like Joel Osteen, so I guess that gives you the kind of idea of pastor I like. He isn’t moral authority ‘on high’, just someone trying to share God’s love and encourage people to live from that place of love all the time.

    I’m not expplaining myself well, but do you see what I mean?

  4. mssc54 says:

    Hayden; I understand exactly what you mean.

    For me I have to keep in mind that I am solely responsible for where I end up (spiritually speaking). It’s not my wife’s, my pastor’s or anyone else’s responsibility if I go against the teachings of Christ. I will be held accountable. Period.

    Still, I think how tragic it is when (especially) these leaders who seem to have so much “success” take themselves out of the reace.

    Where were his accountability partners?!

  5. alan hawkins says:

    Well written and thought out.

    The depth of the sorrow that this issue has caused will not be measured on this earth.

    Saddest of all to me is listening to Christian leaders abandon any semblance of Biblical obedience as they deal with this whole issue, Blame-casting, truth-shaping, avoidance, justification, excuse-making and refusing to take responsibility.

    Wish I had never heard of this.

    mssc54 replied:

    Alan: As you know it’s always easy to be a Godly person when things are smooth. It’s when the attacks, embarrassment and hurt comes that the goats are seperated from the sheep.

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