For some reason “CHANGE” has been in the air as of late.  This has gotten me to think of my life’s journey and some of the rocky roads I decided to travel.

I guess we are all alike in that we make mistakes as we are living our lives.  Some mistakes are just “oh well”, while others are “OMG I can’t believe I did that!”

There should come point in our lives when we are able and willing to look at our life style ,our mistakes and honestly evaluate them.  I SAID HONESTLY EVALUATE THEM!  I am of the opinion that anyone who is not willing to be honest with them self… well they are an inherently dishonest person.  I mean lieing to other people is one thing but lieing to your self is just nuts.

Change is what life is all about.  Some would have us believe that change for the sake of change is good.  Not necessarily.  We should know what we want to change.  Now don’t look at one of your family members or friends or acquaintances or neighbors.  Other people have nothing to do with our behavior or response to life’s challenges.  We respond the way we respond and act the way we act because of many reasons.  Not being willing to change the way we look at things for instance.  Our opinions are usually deep seated and very, very difficult to change.  After all we own them.  We have the deed to our opinions and no one else has the right to change them.  But we do and in some cases we must.

It has been my life’s experience(s) that the most difficult thing to change is a life long behavior or habit.  One that we receive pleasure from but is unhealthy to us (personally) or worse, a behavior or habit that negatively affects those closest to us. 

For me, in order to over come the (or these) negative behavior(s) or habit(s) I had to first admit that it may, in fact, be me that is screwed up and not the world around me.  I know… it was hard for me to swallow that one too.  Fortunately for me though I have an accountability partner.  A man who has known me for a long time.  He knows all about me.  I have given him authority to speak into my life on a deeper level than any one else.  I believe he loves me and has my and my family’s best interest at heart.  He wants  the best for us all.  So if when he sees something awry in my life he brings it to my attention and we discuss it.  If it is something I feel I can’t handle on my own we will sit down and further discuss a “game plan” for modifying that behavior.  The tricky part is too not only decide how (step by step) modify the undesirable behavior but too also think of those things that may arise to give me an excuse to not change.

I have made more than my share of mistakes during my nearly fifty-four years of life.  Some of them I am absolutely ashamed of.  Those shameful things have not only brought shame on me but also on my family.  Great shame and pain.  I wouldn’t want that on any one else.  But I see people doing the same thing all the the time.  And I think, “Oh man… this is going to be so sad.”

Most of the time when I make mistakes I do so in retrospect.  Well, of course, I guess that makes perfect sense. 

For instance, while raising my oldest three daughters I screwed up a bunch.  Many a day I confessed to the Lord, “Lord if I had it all to do over again, I would do some things differently.”  Some of you know that not only was the Lord listening to me but He took me seriously.  We have had our “new kids” now for twenty-eight months and we are doing some things differently.

It never really is to late to change but you have to want to change.  You have be willing to look at yourself and say… “It’s time for a new life.”

I think personal change is similar to personal growth.  If you are not changing for the good or working on positive personal growth your life is rotting from the inside out.

I encourage you to pick just one thing about yourself, honestly evaluate it and make a positive change in your life.  It won’t be easy but it will be rewarding.

Change is in the air.


5 Responses to Change

  1. Amber says:

    yes, change is indeed coming. I believe it to be change for the better. I have faith that it will be. As always, the only constant in the universe is change and I will embrace each challenge as it comes.

  2. No kidding. I have done some BONEHEADED things in my day. Getting kicked out of my fosterhome makes me cringe to this day.

  3. Lindsey says:

    If we don’t embrace change, we choose stagnancy. Have you ever seen stagnant water? It’s scummy, it stinks, it produces horrific bugs…

    I’ll embrace change, rather than let my soul stagnate. No matter how much change hurts, it’s better than the alternative.


  4. Yes, change is a part of life, an inevitable part of life, but it is also a way and path to growth. For every step of growth is change of some sort or another. I have stopped resisting change, and now embrace it,and most of the time, am able to come to terms with it more peacefully because of that…

    Good post!

  5. mssc54 says:

    Amber writes; “I will embrace each challenge as it comes.”

    I believe those who do otherwise are just cowards.

    Hayden; awww getting kicked out of your fosterhome? You must have been terrified!

    Lindsey: thanks for that picture in my head!

    Those who don’t change are the big bugs in the stagnant pool of water. Those who embrace change are the bullfrogs! The bullfrogs always make out better than the bugs. lol

    Vanessa; wc and ty for stoping by!

    Embracing change and expecting it to be something positive…. well I have found in life that we usually get what we expect.

    P.S. love the hat. lol

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