Children are innocent

Have you ever noticed how young children have the ability to have fun under most any cicrumstance?

For instance, we live in a coastal environment and each year when we go to the beach before the ocean warms up enough for the adults to enjoy themselves, what do you see?  The children out in the water just having a good ole time.  Splashing around,  body surfing and dunking each other.  They don’t know that they should be disappointed or apprehensive.  The children just know that life is about enjoying themselves.  So they do.

Look back at the young children you know.  Haven’t you ever seen a small child standing on a picnic table or something with their mom or dad holding their arms out saying, “Come on jump to mommy/daddy.”   Now you had better be ready because without much hesitation that child is going to jump.  Small children have ultimate faith in their mommy/daddy.  For the most part though, I think they just want to have fun and after all hasn’t it been their mommy/daddy who they have always had fun with?  To them mommy/daddy is their universe of love, faith and fun.

Now I know we can all relate this next thing.  How many times have we, as adults, anguished over the perfect gift for little Johnny or little Suzie?  It’s the latest craze for that age group and we are sure they will enjoy it.  They love tearing the wrapping paper off.  Then they take they latest, greatest toy out of the box set the toy aside and play with the box!  (in the future just wrap an empty box inside another box) lol

Children have low expectations and therefore can and do enjoy their little life… up untill around six or seven years old.  By that time we adults have disappointed them, abused them, neglected them or some such thing that they may begin to become a bit guarded with their little hearts.

They lower their expectations of what happiness is all about.  Their trust level may be a bit more difficult to earn.  The sparkle in their eye isn’t as constant as it once was.  They have come to understand that phrase they have been told “Sometimes life just isn’t fare” is true. 

The innocence of the child is now lost… perhaps forever.

How long has it been since you realized that “Sometimes life just isn’t fare.”


3 Responses to Children are innocent

  1. Sadly, there are some children in this world who learn this aspect of life far younger than 6 or 7 years of age. Look at the life of an adopted child who has been passed from pillar to post all of their little life and you will see this is the case. May those of us who are true believers help to reveal Jesus Christ to them.

    The Desert Pastor

  2. mssc54 says:

    Desert Pastor; I complete agree and have seen first hand the devestation poor parenting can have on young children.

    If you notice in some of my other posts our family is in the last stages of adopting a (now) four/six year old brother/sister. I say “our family” is adopting because our three older bio-daughters and son-in-law were all consulted before we made the decision and of course we (my wife and I) prayed and earnestly believe this is what the Lord has for us…even in our early fifties.

    I appreciate your input.

    God’s richest blessings on all that you put your hands to!

  3. moriahjoy says:

    Fresh reminder for me and a check on the walls I unduly put up.

    Thanks for sharing!

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