Hatred is learned

Imagine any hospital nursery with all of the new born babies.  Many different races, religions and ways of life are represented there.  How sweet and precious each and every one of those new borns are with their prety littlepink  skin.  On this, the day of their birth, each one of those babies are equal in their education, expectations and needs.  Each one of those new born babies just know that if it’s wet they want it off.  If they are hungry, you better feed them.

Then it happens.  Some adult or adults take them home and begins to set forth the course for their life that may very well determine every choice that (grown) baby will ever make.

Some parents think that education is the most important thing they can ever help their child achieve.  They begin with the clasical music playing while the infant sleeps.  These parents push their child to achieve higher and higher on the scale of academia.  Flash cards at age two (or even younger).  Of course the computer is a must.  I mean as soon as that little spine is stiff enough and that little head stops bobbing around stick the child in front of something to  stimulate brain activity.

Other parents go the athletic route.  Heck when the child is still an infant there will be some kind of ball in the crib.  “This is what you will have to learn to throw, kick, catch, hit.”  When the child is a bit older they begin tossing the ball.  “Now hold your arms out.  Okay, now catch.  Good try, you are such a good child!”  Then when the child can walk, omg.  Soccer travle clubs start as young as six!  But in order to qualify for the travle club you must begin recreation soccer at age four.  Gymnastics, baseball, softball, swimming and there are others but here in the USA the  god of sports is of course football.  Oh, I forgot in some circles cheerleading is considered a sport too.  Especially if you are trying to meet your Title Nine obligations.  But that’s for another time.

Then most of the parents fall into the category of raising their child by osmosis.  Whatever they pick up along the way is pretty much okay.  These parents don’t really have a game plan they just parent by reaction.  Whatever little billy or susie did that was wrong they react to it.  Yelling and screaming or beating the tar out of  them.  The osmosis parents are the ones with little self control or self esteem and seem to blame little billie and susie for their life’s failures (i.e. they tend to see their failures in their children and hate it so much in themselves that they may take it out on the children).  Guess how their parents raised them.

Then the worst parents of all.  The haters.  I am absolutely certain that I can not name each group who claims to hate another that does not look  like them, speak like them, dress like them, don’t go to the same churches as they do and on and on and on.  Remember now these parents took their babies home just like everyone else did.  Beautiful inside and out on day one.  Perhaps it even began on the car ride home… the hate speach.  You know that baby left that hospital nursery with some one around them  “writing” hateful words on their heart.  They heard adults speaking vile things about those “other people”.  How the world would be better off if they were all dead.  How plans were made to carry out atrocious acts on these “other people”.  Every single day of their young life they here hate speake, they see hatred in their families eyes for those “other people”.   As they grow older they are taught specifically to hate those “other people”.  Of course these little ones want nothing more than to please their mommy and daddy.  So they too take up the cause of hating those “other people”.   Good son, good daughter these children are encouraged in their hatred.  Now these children who were at one time innocent, completely helpless and beautiful little babies are in grade school.  The seed of hatred has taken it’s root in their being.  They gleefully participate in conversations about how the world would be better off if only those “other people” could be anileated.  Another generation lost.

In the USA I have heard many adults who believe that they are not racists make comments like; “How many white guys in their twenties have you ever known to hi-jack an air plain and kill three thousand people?”  Insinuating that the only individuals who should be screened at air ports are Muslims.

Well do you suppose these “non racist” people would submit to the same kind of back ground checks and screening at all U-Haul facilities for every caucasian male who wants to rent a truck.  Timothy McVeigh (a caucasian male in his twenties) only killed a bunch of people in one Federal building.  If he would have had other haters of his ilk rent more trucks and perform the same delusional, cowardly, hateful act wouldn’t that be a reasonable expectation?

Hatred can be stopped but you can’t be a coward to do it.  Take a stand and stop the hatred.


5 Responses to Hatred is learned

  1. Lindsey says:

    Great post. And you are so right- atrocities can be committed regardless of race or ethnic background. How many white men beat their wives? Do drugs? Drink?

  2. mssc54 says:

    Lindsey you are correct about white men beating their wives, drugs, drunks. However, don’t you think that a deep seeded hatred that has lasted for generations is a bit different? I mean it’s not like the entire family sits around and talks about just beating the tar out of mom and the world would be better off without her.

  3. Lindsey says:

    Oh, no, I’m not pointing it out as an example of deep seated hatred, because you’re right, it is different. Look at how the Jewish people have been hated and marginalized for THOUSANDS of years, and the tradition of hating them continues to be handed down.

    I’m simply saying that as far as the reasons people give for hating other races (black men are unfaithful, Mexicans are drunks) that the Caucasian race is truly no better.

    We should teach our children that there is good in everyone, and that we should call out that good instead of fingering the bad.

  4. mssc54 says:

    Gotcha. I would even go so far as to say that the caucasion race (as a whole) may well indeed have persecuted “others” more so than any other ethnecity.

  5. […] Hatred is learned and that is why those who teach the young, those Parents: Heroes at Home, those that teach the right way, one of no hatred, they are the true Heroes in the World.  It takes real guts to admit when you have been wrong and learn from it.  We are taught many things from a young age forgetting that it is we, it is us, you and I that get to choose each action, each word and moment that we have.  If you are a racist, bigot (word for the week) or any other funny word that describes discrimination… that is your choice.  […]

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