Being a Daddy

My wife is a school teacher and yesterday was her first day back from summer vacation.  So I had our “new kids” by myself all day.

Porter (our four year old boy) was the first one up.  He seemed a bit grumpy and that is unusual for him first thing in the morning.  He climbed up in bed with me as I was just laying there watching the morning news, said he didn’t feel good.  So being the good daddy that I am I put my hand on his forehead and mentioned that he did not have a fever and too just lay there with me and we could snuggle and watch the news.

A little while later Lindsay (our six year old little girl) came in and we all layed there in bed for a few minutes just enjoying each other’s presence.

Then I told them it was time to get dressed, brush their teeth and then I was going to take them out for breakfast.  Lindsay immediately compliant (as usual).  Porter started with that I don’t feel good thing again and I told him more firmly that he still needed to get dressed and brush his  teeth so we could go out for breakfast.  He said he just wanted cereal.  He was just pouting and all.  Lindsay came in and was all dressed and we fixed her hair so she was all ready to go and Porder was just sitting on the floor in his room pouting (so I thought).  I finally convinced him that it would be in his best interest if he would just get dressed and brush his teeth so we could go out for breakfast.  So then he asks if after he is ready can he get a Capri-Sun out of the firge.  Sure I said.

Okay so now we are all down stairs and ready to go out for breakfast.  Lindsay is already excited because she wants that thick french toast with the powder sugar on it.  Porter didn’t drink much of his juice so I asked him to put it away in the fridge.  So we all get into the truck and they are all buckled in and Porter says one more time… I don’t feel good, then puts his little hand over his mouth and….. ooops too late.  All over the seat and floor.  He starts crying just a little and I tell him it’s okay that I’m goin to run into the house and get a towel.  So I get back in record breaking time (that should be an Olympic event.  “Dads run  for the puke towel event”).  Fortunately it was raining so he had his rain jacket on and I got everything cleaned up quickly.  Then I went to the recycling bin and retrieved a gallon milk jug.  I had a pair of large scissors handy so I cut down the mouth of the jug about half way then went across and up through the other side of the mouth of the jug creating “Porter’s portable puke bucket” just in case there was a need.  Of course I apologised for not believeing him and told him that we would get him some medicine but at breakfast he should only eat dry toast.  He wasn’t to keen on that so we agreed on a half a pancake with no butter or syrup.

We got to the place, placed our order, the food came out and then I got a call that I had to take care of some work.  So I had to call my nineteen year old bio-daughter (she was thrilled that I was rearranging her day).  So the kids got to eat some of their “out to breakfast with daddy” food before she got there.  I put the remainder in boxes for them to take home.

So I get home around lunch time and the kids are watching TV, I do a lilttle paper work.

I’ve been getting more and more concerned with the amount of TV the kids are watching and too concerned that I don’t “cheat” them out of activities because I am now fifty-three instead of when we were raising our three bio-daughters in our twenties/thirties.  But it is still pouring down outside.  Porter is playing now with some of his boy toys so I asked Lindsay if she wants to play a game.  She says she wants to play “Tinkerbell”.  I’m cluless about this Tinkerbell game but as she explained it to me it is the “go fish” game but her cards have Tinkerbell fairy on it.  So we played a game of Tinkerbell and she had to remind me often that I was supposed to say “Tinkerbell” instead of “go fish”.  And no I did not cut her any slack.  I beat the heck out of her and she had a good attitude.  Of course while we were playing Porter noticed that he was being left out so he wanted to play but I explained that it was time for Daddy and sissy to have alone time and when we were finished it would be time for Daddy and brother alone time.

So Porter wanted to play cards too of course.  He had already gotten out his flash cards so I picked out the ones with the numerals 1 through 10 written on one side and Thomas the Train on the other side with each numeral matching the number of Thomas the Trains on it.  So he’s counting and no I didn’t cut him any slack either.  He has a bit of trouble leaving out the seven when he is counding.  We have had these guys for about twenty-seven months now and early on when I would walk him down the stairs I would ask him to count with me and we could count the number of stairs as we would descend.  There are thirteen.

So after that Lindsay wanted to play dress up and be in a fashion show.  I said it was okay before realizing that the “show” part of fashion show meant that I would be the one shown.  She was cute doing it and I remarked about how beautiful her outfits were.  She has a pretty good imagination.  Most of the “outfits” were itmes from her room not real clothes.  You know like blankets with ropes for sashes and stuff.

Porter had me break out the crayons so we could color but in the end I think his ultimate goal was to create paper we could put into the shredder in my office.

Then around five-s my wife rolls in with my nineteen month old grandson who just loves his PopPop and we all went out to dinner then to church.

After that I dropped the Mrs. at the house with the kids and I took little Cooper home.  We played for a bit and I put him down for bed about eight-thirty-ish.  I was amazed.  I just said, okay it’s time for night-night and he shook his head and said; i no night-night.  But I took him up to his room and layed on his little bed with the rail on it.  He layed his little head down with Elmo and off to sleep he went.

Yesterday was a very good day.


5 Responses to Being a Daddy

  1. Lindsey says:

    Wow, it sounds like a really busy but really wonderful day! Glad your little guy wasn’t too awfully sick. The little upsets are bad enough, but when they get really really sick it’s just heartbreaking.

  2. “Porter’s portable puke bucket”

    That is HILARIOUS! And pretty genius too, I might add.

    Lindsay sounds like my kind of girl with the French Toast and the fashion show!

  3. mssc54 says:

    Lindsey: I forgot to say that after lunch time when I got home Porter seemed like himself again so I asked him if he was feeling better. His exact reply was, “Much, much better daddy.” He is too funny most times.

    Hayden: I have always had pretty good problem solving skills. lol As for little Lindsay… She just loves to play dress up. We have a full length mirror in her room and our room. Rarely does she pass by the one in our room without at least slowing for a pose!

  4. mssc54 says:

    Lindsey it just dawned on me that you said that this sounded like a really busy day. lol Really it is just a pretty typical day.

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