Love of the Afghan people

I ran across Professopatra’s blog and have even traded a few private emails with her.  She has been quite helpful in helping me understand Muslims and the Islam religion.  Quite helpful in fact.  Like I have said in a previous post I have been quite prejudiced against the Muslim people.  I really cut myself way to much slack.  I figured because of what happened to Buddy then the hatred I had in my heart for the Muslim was certainly legitimate.  I even went so far as to say that the concentration camps like the US had during WWII for the Japanese would be okay with me.  Everyone would be safe and in the end if was just a big mistake just give them (the Muslims) a pile of money and send them on their way.  After all they would still have their family members alive.  Our’s was killed by a thug Taliban sniper.  Seemed reasonable to me.

Then I began thinking about Sgt Buddy Hughie or “Doc” Hughie as he was known in Afghanistan.  How I shamed his memory.  Buddy loved helping the Afghan people.  He volunteered for every medical mission into the vilages.  When Buddy was home on two weeks leave in November of ’06 he showed us pictures of the school children that he had personally inocculated.  You should have seen the bright shining faces.  “Doc” Hughie was so proud of what he was accomplishing there.  I think of how sad it would make Buddy for me to have had such a hardened heart toward the Muslim people.  I am told by his army friends that he would not even allow those around him to use any derogatory terms towards the Afghan people.  What a remarkable young man he was.

I am amazed at the insight and vision “Doc” Hughie had for the Afghan people.  I hope and pray that I can help little Cooper see the love his daddy had for the Afghans.


2 Responses to Love of the Afghan people

  1. “I even went so far as to say that the concentration camps like the US had during WWII for the Japanese would be okay with me.”

    Oh wow.

    I know you’re still working through a lot of pain from his death, but I think that you are making steps in the right direction. It’s amazing what your children can teach you, even against your will.

  2. mssc54 says:

    Hayden; now when I look back at some of the things I have said about Muslims I am so saddened. I never thought I was capable of such extreme views.

    I am beginnig to learn that it is kind of like when I went into alcohol/drug treatment in the ’80s. I am the one that was wrong.

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