Wedding and Divorce

Let’s take a look at the divorce rate.  The divorce rate and the “success” rate is about half and half. 

 So we all get invited to these beautiful weddings…right?  We buy nice gifts and bring them to the wedding only to have these people who are sooooo madly in love to call it quits in a few years (if that long).  I know there is some kind of etiquette  about returning gifts if the bride or groom gets cold feet or something like that but I think there should to be other consequences when they divorce later.   I know, I know what you’re thinking divorces are so nasty and messy already.   Well apparently not because half the people would rather divorce than figure out how to fix what ever is messed up. 

 If these “love birds” make us go to their wedding and they stand up there before God and us and swear to love each other (stay married) until death do us part and they don’t, we should get reimbursed.  I mean all of us.  And not just for the price of the gift either!  The gift is the easy part.  What if we gave up… say, a day out on the boat or the golf course or even gave up a day with our own kids (remember we are better than they are, we are still married).  We should even be compensated for the “intense conversations” (aka arguments) we’ve had with our spouse about even attending the wedding, what we should wear, about not being ready to leave on time, not parking in the right place, sitting at the wrong table, getting our food at the wrong time.  All of it!  There should be some special law that allows us to seek compensation for “all of it.” 

It would be easy to do, I mean once this law is in place.  We could just use the guest book at the wedding reception as the “Class Action Law Suit”!

You don’t even want to get me started on what I think about those hot out door weddings either!


2 Responses to Wedding and Divorce

  1. Amber says:

    When I got married it was my second time around. I am not very proud of that fact, because I am of the belief that marriage is a forever commitment to yourself, your spouse and to God.

    I learned from my mistakes in round one. Round two I learned that I needed to bring my whole belief system into practice to make the marriage more than the ceremony but one of life. I needed God’s help for that. I call on him for patience, wisdom, and guidance at times. I thank him at others for blessing me with such an amazing husband.

    I love what you wrote on my blog..

  2. The Christian Ranter says:

    I think there is a state down south where you can have a “covenant marriage”; where if you want to divorce, you have to go to one year of marriage counseling and try to work it our before it is granted. Something like that.

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