What was He doing for those 18 years?

As I read my (Christian) Bible I see that when Jesus, the Christ, is twelve years old He is found in the Temple teaching.  Even at the age of twelve everyone is amazed at his brilliance.  Then we don’t hear anything about Him until He is at the wedding party (now about the age of 30).  Apparently He still doesn’t think it is time for Him to begin his ministry because when His mother asks Him to help out He says that it is still not His time. 

So my big question is.  What was Jesus doing during his teens and twenties?  Surely He was not up to the usual things that we would think of as “normal” teens and twenty-something yearl olds would be doing.  I mean the next mention of Him is of a miracle!

I have an idea/opinion but was just curious as to what others might have to say.



2 Responses to What was He doing for those 18 years?

  1. mssc54 says:

    Okay so no one ever commented so here’s what I think.

    I ask look at my life as a male and during the ages from 12-30 there’s a lot going on. Puberty, teen years, self reliance of the erly twenties, delusional thoughts of I’ve grown up in my mid twenties and finally by around thirty some balance.

    So here’s what I’m thinking. I think Jesus was figuring out how to control His senses. You know, sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste. Nothing corrupts a young man than laying eyes on something he shouldn’t have inside of him. Jesus had to learn how to deny Himself those things, to train Himself not to even give that first glance. The wonderful smell of a woman’s perfume. This would be a bit more difficult because even if He was not looking here comes this enticing aromatic “picture” going into his body. I think the other three (touch, hearing and taste) may have been the easiest to over come.

    We must keep in mind that although Jesus the Christ was the Son of God He was still 100% God AND 100% man at the same time!

    I can’t imagine the discipline it must have taken for Him to overcome these things in these years. Yet He did.

    So that’s what I think Jesus was doing for those 18 years. Becoming so connected with the Father that His fleshly senses were overcome by the very nature of His Spirit.

    I can’t recall ever having heard a sermon on “The Missing Eighteen Years”.

  2. Amber says:

    Hmm interesting thought. Some say that he traveled through Egypt during that time learning, healing, teaching in small ways. Some felt that his power would not be truly felt until he was at a suitable age.

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